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Thank you Naomi for sharing! Your tips for doubling up on protection and setting an alarm are excellent. We do however advice against wearing tampons at night due to the very real dangers of Toxic Shock Syndrome. Even though some tampons are labeled as "overnight" many ladies sleep beyond the suggested maximum wear time which increases their risk.

We recommend changing tampons every 4-6 hours (as TSS can occur even if you are not wearing them over the suggested wear time). For uninterrupted rest and maximum coverage we recommend menstrual cups like the DivaCup or Softcup (for internal products) or super/overnight pads. If you do chose tampons we suggest chosing organic cotton tampons like those from Natracare and Maxim Hygiene.

To learn more about the dangers of Toxic Shock Syndrome we encourage you to read the article, "Toxic Shock Syndrome - What Every Woman Should Know."

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I have always recommended tampons. Everyone is different and has different preferences but personally I find tampons just go in and help you forget about your perod for a few hours while they're inserted.

If your period is really heavy and you are worried about staining the sheets, insert a tampon just before bed and put a pad in your in underwear too.  This will give you double protection. If you are particularly worried or embarrased about changing the sheets, set a alarm to wake you in the middle of the night so that you can change your protection again.

Personally though I like a nice long lie in lol and I share a bed with my husband. So I insert a tampon just before bed and I forget about it all night, wake up and I MIGHT have a TINY bit of a leak.

My period is medium/heavy, lasts 4-6 days.

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