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PeriodTalk + #PeriodTalk Live = Fun New Giveaway!

Thanks to our amazing special guests & participants last month, #PeriodTalk now officially holds the title of being a Worldwide Trending Topic. So what do we do after reaching such a milestone? We CELEBRATE!!!

October 12th we’ll be celebrating Period Talk in multiple ways! With it being the second Friday of the month we’ll be hosting,…you guessed it…a PeriodTalk Tweet Chat!

Be Prepared Period Gift CardAnd as we announced during last month’s chat we are taking PeriodTalk from a once a month live tweet chat to a community that is available for support 24/7/365! If you haven’t already, check it out and chime in! Just click, “PeriodTalk!” There are many great questions and answers being posted already. To help get the tweet chat going & encourage conversation we’ll be featuring some of the top questions and answers to share with you!

Prizes & PeriodTalk, they just seem to go together. So this month we’ll be offering one lucky winner a $25 Gift Certificate to to purchase their favorite feminine hygiene products.

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PeriodTalk Launches as One of the Only Online Educational Communities for Women, Developing Girls and their Parents




SEATTLE— has launched what may be the only online community for women of all ages, developing girls and their parents, a safe place for questions and answers about menstruation, feminine hygiene, the female body and more.


PeriodTalk is free and open to anyone to ask and answer questions anonymously. founder Tara Bruley, a Seattle-area mom, said PeriodTalk is an accepting place for questions that women, parents, girls, “tweens” and teens may be uncomfortable asking about menstruation and physical development elsewhere. Other members of the community can offer their own insight, and PeriodTalk experts may also chime in with guidance and knowledge. Click to continue reading… »

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We’re on Seattle’s 106.1 KISSFM!!

KISS106.1Check it out, you can now hear us on Seattle’s 106.1 KISSFM!! We are absolutely THRILLED to be spreading the word about our site, services and resources on air!

If you’ve visited us at Be Prepared Period, you can probably see that a big part of our mission is to educate, whether it be helping parents prepare their daughters for puberty, assisting women achieve a Better Period, or informing females about healthier product alternatives.

Some of these efforts include providing:

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#PeriodTalk Back to School

A guest post by our Irish friend, Samantha Kelly

Samantha Kelly - Funky GoddessBack to School!!

The sun is shining and all the rain has stopped! This can only mean one thing! Yes the schools are back! After a rainy summer here in Ireland, stuck indoors my 13 year old Daughter went off to Secondary School to start her journey into the world of Teenage Dreams, peer pressure and Boys!!

Aarrgh! I can’t believe She is going to secondary school already!  I remember her asking me could she get a puppy when she was five and spending hours and hours throwing the ball for our dog Candy.  The dog is lucky if she gets acknowledged when she stomps in the door with her overweight schoolbag now! (Why do they make books so heavy anyway)?

Ah but one of the best things about going back to school is the fact that she has a bit more knowledge of periods and is always prepared with her ‘Secret Casket’ in her schoolbag.  Of course, because She is the daughter of Funky Goddess, her friends know that she always has a supply of pads readily available, so she tends to pack a few extra these days, due to girls approaching her in case of emergency. She says she likes this as she feels like she is helpful to her peers. This isn’t a bad quality to have at all and I am so proud of her for it. (could be worse, she could be the go to person for much nastier reasons)! Click to continue reading… »

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Schools, Books and Periods

A guest post by Jenn Leggett

Jenn Leggett - Earthy Crunchy MamaSo with fall comes back to school.  And something lots of young woman will be learning to deal with are periods, and not the punctuation type.  I mean that monthly friend that all women get once a month.  I remember back to being in middle and high school and wishing that it was a good enough excuse for a sick week.  My whole period was a nightmare for me as a young woman.  I never knew exactly when it was coming so when it got close I was constantly worried about getting it, being stuck in class, not being able to be excused and bleeding through my pants.  I used to wear a sweatshirt around my waist to hide the unfortunate spot on my jeans.  I also remember the dread of trying to hide tampons and pads in my hoody as we had a school policy of not carrying bags with us to class, I was horrified that someone would see them and make some snarky teenage boy comment in front of everyone.  I also remember the time spend in the morning finding the right jeans, that I didn’t think would show the bulky disposable pads I was wearing.  It was quite a process, and left me a ball of nerves for the whole week.

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