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Dads with Developing Daughters

Dads with developing daughters

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that your daughter is growing up. And for many fathers – watching their daughters hit puberty and go through so many changes so quickly is undeniably difficult. After all, this is Daddy’s little girl we are talking about.

Even so, it is important to know that in this day and age, 3 out of 10 girls are starting puberty at the young age of 8 years old. So what a daddy might see as his daughter pulling away from hugs and becoming increasingly self-conscious is really just a symptom of all the many changes that naturally come with puberty.

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Fathers – How Menstruation Can Affect Your Relationship with Your Daughter

Believe it or not, as a father – you play a huge role in how comfortable your daughter is with her own femininity.  Girls who have a loving, supportive, compassionate, and understanding father have been proven in numerous studies to have more self-confidence and perform better in school (and life!)

It’s easy as a father to sit back and allow mom, or another female role model to handle the particulars of periods – considering those things ‘woman’s stuff!”  The problem is that if a girl in the midst of puberty sees her father avoiding the subject or throwing his hands over his ears every time someone mentions the word ‘period,’ the girl can often feel like her father is not accepting her transition to adulthood.  And this can be a problem.

Remember that this transitionary time in your daughter’s life is confusing for HER too – and the last thing she needs is to feel unaccepted by those around her.

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Don’t Worry Dad, It’s Just PMS –

Are you screaming inside, “PLEASE…SOMEONE…help me with my teenager!” Do you ever get the feeling that your daughter hates you?  Or that once a month, you have no idea how to deal with her.  One minute the two of you are laughing and the next – your kindhearted jab about her clothes sends her reeling to her room in tears.

Help-me-with-my-teenager-PMSIf your daughter’s mood swings can sometimes give you whiplash, you might be experiencing what is called PMS: pre-menstrual syndrome.  And if you think its bad for you – you only know the half of how bad it is for your daughter.

Truth is, that PMS is real.

Due to hormonal surges before a female gets her period, she can suffer from a calamity of symptoms.  Often times, PMS comes in the form of physical symptoms such as headaches, fatigue, bloatedness, sore breasts, muscle aches, and food cravings.  And even more often, PMS serves up some pretty severe emotional reactions which can range from sadness and anxiety to anger, frustration, and difficulty focusing.

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