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Meet Robyn Srigley A.K.A. The Hormone Diva

What comes to mind when you hear the title, The Hormone Diva?

Is it a sassy expert filled with knowledge about hormones? If so, you couldn’t be more right! Robyn Srigley is just that. As a PMS coach and holistic nutritionist she is full of facts and humor to make learning about hormones simple and fun!

Robyn SrigleyOver the past year, we have had the honor to work with Robyn on a shared mission – a mission to help educate ladies, leading them on a journey to improved menstrual health and better periods.

Like the diva that she is, you can find her sharing her expertise all throughout BPP – in our PeriodTalk Q &A Forum, our co-hosted webinar (Learn to Ditch Your PMS Cravings with 4 Simple Tricks) as well as the following articles:

- Why Is My Period Irregular? (and infographic)
- Know Your Flow
- Top 5 Natural Remedies for Menstrual Cramps
- My Period is a Pain in the Boob!

As a regular contributor at Be Prepared. Period., we thought it about time we give Robyn the introduction she deserves.

When asked to share a little about herself and the work she is doing, Robyn says…

I am fiercely committed to guiding women to achieve vibrant health, pain-free periods and balanced moods so they can finally regain control of their hormones, cycles and LIFE. With experience working with amazing clients with similar worries and concerns and guiding them to achieve remarkable success, my mission and commitment is to replace your anxieties with JOY, to open possibility in your life and to have a positive impact on the next generation. Click to continue reading… »

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My Period is a Pain in the Boob!

By Robyn Srigley, BA, PTS, CNP, NNCP

my period is a pain in the boobBig or small, round or droopy- breasts are a part of our lives every day! Whether we wish they were bigger or smaller or perkier, they are here to stay and we should love them with all we’ve got! It’s pretty common knowledge that most women at some point feel PMS symptoms (up to 90%). One of the major symptoms is breast pain or tenderness.

This is something I’ve ALWAYS suffered with. Some cycles, it would be just a little discomfort or swelling, and sometimes I’ve had cycles where I can hardly move or breathe without pain. For me, it was part of my PCOS, a hormonal imbalance that plagues women with severe PMS, among other things. So how can we kick this pain in the boob to the curb?


There could be many causes of breast pain in relation to PMS. I’m going to talk briefly about the top 3 causes. Take a gander and see where YOU fit in! Click to continue reading… »

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Top 5 Natural Remedies for Menstrual Cramps

By Robyn Srigley, BA, PTS, CNP, NNCP

natural remedies for menstrual cramps IV

Midol, Tylenol, Advil and Pamprin- which one are you using for menstrual cramp relief? We have all experienced cramps when Aunt Flo comes around. Our cramps can leave us feeling exhausted, nauseous, dizzy and sick. They can have us doubled over in pain and lying on the couch with a heating pad. And sometimes, not heating pad nor pill will help.

Those over-the-counter Non-steroidal Anti-Inflammatories (NSAIDS) can be a quick fix to grab from the medicine cabinet when the pain becomes too much. BUT- did you know that use of NSAIDs is linked to disease? Make an informed choice and find the best menstrual cramps remedy for you.

NSAIDS and Their Risks
Millions of people are using NSAIDs for pain management. Whether it be over-the-counter or prescription, everyone’s got some in their medicine cabinet. They seem harmless- pop a couple, get relief pretty quickly. But use of these little painkillers is on the rise- and poses some serious health risks. Read on and think twice before grabbing a bottle when you have menstrual cramps.

1. Miscarriage
A study has shown that the use of non-aspirin NSAIDs in early pregnancy more than doubles your risk of miscarriage. And this is with any type or dosage of the popular painkillers. And don’t think you’re out of the water once you’re in the third trimester of pregnancy- use of NSAIDs during this time increases the risk of heart problems for the baby, as well as prolonging labour in the Mum. Click to continue reading… »

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Menopause: Welcome to the “Heated” Years…Navigating through “The Change”

By Lisa Weinstein

menopause - navigating through the changeEach morning before leaving the house, I used to check the weather channel to find out if I should wear a coat. But these days it truly doesn’t matter what the thermostat says….I won’t wear one anyway.


Because I am always hot.

The car thermostat could read 32 degrees and I’ll be turning the air conditioner full blast onto my sweltering face while my poor husband Bob, in the driver’s seat, quickly succumbs to hypothermia.

Yes, I have entered into the stage of life called “The Change”, also known as (cue the twilight zone music) MENOPAUSE!

Yes, menopause, where you finally get to say goodbye to your monthly “friend”. Except in my case, my “friend” didn’t want to exit my life as instantly as it had arrived.

Flashback to the 70s……………..

There I was, a gawky 12-year old cursed with huge glasses, braces, and a well-endowed body that had “blossomed” much faster that my flat chested friends. I woke up one morning, visited the bathroom as usual, looked down and behold, I had made a new “friend”.

My status in life had instantly changed.

Click to continue reading… »

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How to Talk to Your Parent About Menstrual Cups

By Cathy Chapman


When it comes to talking to your parents about menstrual care options it definitely helps to know the facts. Menstrual cups are not a new concept – In fact, they have been around for about 150 years. However, still many people may not be familiar with the concept of them. Here are some tips for talking your parents (or anyone, really) about menstrual cups!

how to talk to your parent about menstrual cupsFirst of all, What IS the menstrual cup? (The quick and friendly version.)

Menstrual cups are reusable menstrual care protection. Worn internally like tampons, they differ in that they are designed to collect menstrual flow rather than absorb it. They are safe, easy to use, and a hygienic alternative to pads and tampons!


Now that we have that over with….
It helps to make a list of reasons why you’re interested in menstrual cups. Points to note could be…

• The average person spends about $48-84 per year on disposable menstrual products. Menstrual cups can be a one time cost that will last for years.

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Know Your Flow

By Robyn Srigley, BA, PTS, CNP, NNCP


Periods are confusing. One day you are barely flowin’ and the next you’re changing your tampon every few hours. And don’t even get me started on the cramps and cravings! What gives? Well, depending on the colour and level of flow we superwomen are experiencing, there could be any number of things going on. Decode the mystery below.

How heavy is your flow

(check out the full infographic, here)


Light Flow
This could be one of two things. Either you’re near the beginning or the end of your regular period, or you’re not having a true period at all and are just spotting. So how do you tell the difference? Click to continue reading… »

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Something Smells pHishy


By Stacy LyonSomething Smells pHishy

Something Smells pHishy…

We hear it on TV commercials, we see it in ads and we read it on labels: “pH balanced”, but what exactly does that mean?

pH, or potential for hydrogen, is a measurement scale of acidity and alkalinity. Readings from 0–7 are considered acidic, pH from 7.0–14 is considered basic, or alkaline with 7.0 considered neutral.

Now what does that have to do with feminine health you ask? It’s important for every woman to not only understand the pH scale and how it affects their whole entire body but specially the fact that your vagina is considered an acidic environment. This low pH provides protection from invasions from bad bacteria and infections.

Click to continue reading… »

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Why Is My Period Irregular?

By Robyn Srigley, BA, PTS, CNP, NNCP

Screaming Black Woman

Aunt Flo can be such a kill joy. Bleeding for a week every month can be a real nuisance! As strong, independent women, being bogged down by cramps, mood swings, headaches and fatigue can put a real damper on the wonderful things we do in our lives every day. But what happens when we don’t get our periods on a regular basis?

This happens to women through all walks of life, for many different reasons. It’s so important to not only recognize that irregular periods aren’t normal, but that they could be an indication of something more serious. See if you’re on track with Aunt Flo below.

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Say Hello to Reusable Cloth Pads

by Jenn Marie

say hello to cloth pads

When it comes to understanding “that time of the month,” there’s no shortage of confusion among people of all ages and genders. One of the most common period-related myths is that there are only two types of feminine protection available: disposable pads and tampons. In reality, we have tons of other choices! Some of the most popular include menstrual cups, sea sponges, diaphragms, and my favorite: reusable cloth pads.

The idea behind cloth pads is simple: instead of the typical pad made from paper and plastic, cloth pads are made from fabric, allowing them to be washed and reused just like underwear. It may sound strange, but it’s not a new or unusual idea; women have been using cloth pads throughout most of history! It was only very recently, as our society shifted toward a preference for single-use products, that disposable pads and tampons were first marketed to women.

With the popularity and convenience of disposables, why would anyone want to use cloth? Here are just a few of the many reasons… Click to continue reading… »

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Tips for Fighting the Period Blues

By Leslie Vandever

How to fight the period bluesIf you get the blues, feel moody, and suffer physical discomfort immediately before and during the first few days of your menstrual period, you’re not alone.

According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), up to three out of four women experience premenstrual syndrome (PMS) symptoms each month during their fertile years. Researchers believe changes in brain hormone levels, along with social, cultural, biological, and psychological factors might be the culprits, but so far, the exact cause is still a mystery.

Physical symptoms of PMS may include:
• bloating and gas
• abdominal cramps
• backache
• tender breasts
• diarrhea or constipation
• headache
• food cravings
• insomnia or oversleeping

Mental symptoms may include:
• difficulty concentrating
• forgetfulness
• sluggishness
• sadness
• tension and anxiety
• hostility
• mood swings
• changes in libido
• fear and guilt
• poor self-image

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