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MaskIT - Feminine Disposal Pouches

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Sanitary and Discreet Disposal Method for Feminine Hygiene Items.
Perfect for restrooms without waste receptacles, outdoor activities where bathrooms are not available, or an eco-alternative to the "TP" wrap.


Small MaskIT Pouch - 26 Small MaskIT Pouches (intended for the removal and disposal of tampons).


Large MaskIT Pouch - 18 Large MaskIT Pouches (intended for the disposal of pads, wrappers, and applicators).



  • Blocks Odor - while being fragrance free
  • Won’t Leak
  • Protects your hand during use
  • Is made with certified compostable Biofilm, which is derived from the starches of plants, vegetable oils and compostable polymers.
  • Sustainable  
  • Manufactured in the USA


Directions: (How to use a MaskIT pouch)

1. Insert Hand (Fingers in long side, thumb in short)

2. Grab Item (Using the puppet functionality)

3. Invert Pouch (Turn inside-out to enclose item)

4. Peel & Seal (By removing adhesive liner)

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