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Summer Sampler

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The Summer Sampler
A perfect way to try several new products all at once! Whether you are a "menstrual veteran" searching for healthier options or are completely new to internally worn products, this kit is for you. Where else can you try 6 products from 3 different brands?
The Summer Sampler Includes:
  • 2 – Instead Softcups
  • 4 – Maxim Hygiene Organic Regular Tampons
  • 4 – Maxim Hygiene Organic Super Tampons
  • 4 – Natracare Organic Regular Tampons
  • 4 – Natracare Organic Super Tampons
  • 4 – Natracare Organic Reg. Tampons (non-applicator)
  • PLUS 2 MaskIT Pouches – A sanitary and discreet disposal method for feminine hygiene items

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