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Lunapads Postpartum Kit - Organic

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The Postpartum Kit is specially designed for postpartum use and includes more liners than our other kits to accommodate very heavy flow. The pads in this kit are also great for overnight use once you’ve returned to your regular menstrual period.

1 Heavy Pad with 1 Heavy Wing Liner and 2 Heavy Trifold Liners
1 Long Pad with 1 Long Basic Liner and 2 Long Wing Liners

Pad Base: 2 Layer, 100% cotton flannel base topped with an absorbent panel made of 2 layers of 100% cotton fleece, and 1 layer of ultra-thin nylon to minimize soaking through. Nickel-free, Silver-plated brass single snap fastening.

Liner Insert: 2 layers of 100% cotton fleece.



Inserts enhance the absorbency of Lunapads and Lunapanties to meet your particular needs. Each Insert will last approximately as long (per use) as a comparably-sized disposable pad or tampon. Additional mindfulness may be advisable, however, as Lunapads are made with natural, more porous fibers and do not contain added chemicals or absorbing agents. Given this, Lunapads users need to be mindful of changing the Insert as frequently as their flow dictates in order to prevent soaking through the Pad. Frequent changing of the Inserts significantly enhances the comfort and performance of the Pad.


Wash & Care
Liners can be washed by hand or machine in any temperature with your regular detergent. Pre-soaking or rinsing in cold water prior to washing is recommended, but not always necessary, particularly if the pads are not heavily saturated. Please note that if pads are being soaked, soaking water must be changed daily.

Heavily stained liners may also occasionally benefit from machine wash and dry in hot settings.

Please avoid the use of chlorine bleach or fabric softeners to clean Liners.

How to Use
Liners can be added as desired by inserting the ends under the ric-rac bands on a Pad. Wing Liners rest comfortably against the inner thigh, providing added lateral (side-to-side) protection. Multiple Liner Inserts may be inserted for increased absorbency. Pads can be refreshed throughout the day or night as desired by removing and replacing the Liners. Please note that Liner Inserts are not intended to be worn without a Pad.

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