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Why Organic?

As a woman you want to be aware of what you are putting next to your skin, especially areas that can be extra sensitive. Many women do not realize the products they use contain materials that are synthetic and have unneeded additives and or chemicals. Nearly all the worldwide brands of tampons and sanitary pads contain, rayon, polyacrylates, polypropylene, plastic, and chlorine-bleached wood pulp.
Sanitary pads are usually made of an ergonomic design using many different kinds of materials. The earliest pads were not very absorbent nor effective. They could be up to two centimeters thick and were in no way leak proof. Today, pads are slimmer and more comfortable than they were 40 years ago, but they are also made from chemical based products such as super absorbent gels derived from petroleum, sphagnum, as well as polyacrylate. Conventional pads are made from over 90% crude oil plastic and a variety of chemicals.
With all of the chemicals in the air, our food, clothes, and homes do you really want a product that is 90% chemically based next to your skin? Being aware of the chemicals your body comes into contact with is a great start to living a healthier life. Fortunately, there are a few terrific organic companies out there that offer a variety of products, such as Natracare and Maxim Hygiene. Purchasing these natural and organic products will greatly reduce a womans contact with these harsh chemicals.
And if health wasn’t reason enough, there is the environmental impact these products are having. Each year, over a billion pads laden with plastic are thrown away. They usually wind up in landfills where they sit for many, many years because they cannot be broken down naturally. To illustrate the point, think of a hole the size of China and over four hundred feet deep. This is the equivalent of all the pads for one year if they were shipped to a central landfill.
Natracare and Maxim Hygiene are eco-friendly alternatives. Their natural and organic products are chemical free, made from only pure materials and are created from cellulose plants. The products they offer are free from rayon, chlorine bleach, plastics as well as many other man-made synthetic materials. These materials have a profound negative impact on our environment as well as the world.
You may find yourself wondering if you can find a pad or tampon that is just as comfortable and reliable as your regular chemical based products. Natural, eco-friendly products are just as reliable and comfortable as the conventional brands as well as being available in many absorbencies and styles.
These pads will not sit unbroken in landfills for hundreds if not thousands of years. The very nature of the materials as well as their ability to break down naturally, make them safe enough to add to your compost!
So what do you have to lose? Try switching to an organic product and let us know what you think!

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