Who can post on PeriodTalk? Do I have to create a profile? How do I create an account? How do I edit my profile? What subjects are appropriate to post about? How do I know if my question has already been asked?
How do I ask a question? How do I answer a question? Reminder: Be polite! How will my question get answered? Can there be more than 1 answer for each question? What if my question doesn’t get answered or I don’t get a good answer?
What if I see a post that is not PG or inappropriate? Why are some questions or answers removed? Can I track the questions and answers I’ve posted on PeriodTalk? What are the up and down arrows I see on the left side of the posts? What is the “Unanswered” section? What are “Topics”?
What do the numbers under the usernames represent? Can I use a tagline or signature in my post? Can I promote my brand, product(s) or websites on PeriodTalk? What if I need more help?