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Effervescent (denture tabs) and general menstrual cup cleaning habits


 Hi all. New poster, new cup user. 25, non-virgin, no kids.

I got my first cup in the mail yesterday. I boiled it for 5 minutes as recommended by the manufacturer. Today I tried. Dry run and did ok. Had a bit of trouble with slipping while I was trying to remove it, but after addingg a square of TP to my thumb, I was set. It wasn't in long, I had to go out. I plan on trying again tomorrow.

My main question is this: how many cup users here clean their cup with effervescent (denture cleaning) tablets. It seems quite a few folks on the mc livejournal page use them with no ill effects. I've heard they will keep your cup stain free, etc.

How often to you clean with the tablets? Daily? Or once per cycle? Or even more/less?

Thanks for readin

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