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How long does it take for Toxic Shock Symptoms to start showing up?


 I have never had Toxic Shock Syndrome, but I'm just wondering.  If I did get it, how long would it be before symptoms started occurring?  I heard the symptoms of Toxic Shock can start out as nothing more than flu symptoms (ex. high fever, throwing up, dizziness/light headedness, fainting/faint feeling when standing up, diarrhea, sore throat).  I very rarely get anything more than a cold (nasal congestion, sore throat, coughing), so I would be suspicious if I was on my period and using tampons (and that's what I usually use when I'm on my period), and got flu symptoms, even if it was flu season.  But I was just curious if the symptoms would come on within minutes to hours, or if it might take days to weeks before I start seeing symptoms.

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Leanne Strong

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