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Where to buy cup wipes overseas


 Hey all,

So, I've been converted to using the Lunette cup because I travel and live overseas for my job. That makes it hard sometimes to use pads and only OB tampons work for me. While that's all becoming more prevelant overseas, I wanted to pack less (imagine packing tampons for two years!). After much research here, on YouTube, and other sites I finally figured out how to use the cup without it leaking. Much happier now. Next quest is see if a Lunette 2 (bought in Finland!) is better for my heavy days than a Lunette 1 (change every 2-4 hours).

My REAL questions is, does anyone know where you can buy cup wipes overseas such as in Romania? That's where I am now and I'm checking pharmacies but no luck yet. I just moved here so I don't know the mail system yet for ordering online and I thought I had read that you can find them in pharmacies here.

Eventually I'll be in Africa and I'm sure I'll be more limited so I want to replace my stock as I can.  I only found them in Finland so far, which makes sense since that's the country which designed Lunette.

If anyone finds a way to make their own cup wipes, let me know!

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Hi Le,

You can find a list of overseas retailers of Lunette at - they list S.L. Luna Group as a retailer in Romania. Good luck - hope you find them!

Once you get the mailing system down Be Prepared Period can hook you up!

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 Hey Le, 

To add to the mod's answer: one other thing you can do is buy 70% isophrophl alcoho(rubbing alcohol) wipes. they are offten sold as 'alcohol prep wipes'. I use them on my diva when I'm out and about, just let your cup dry a few seconds before reinserting.

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