Why is my period heavy and how long will it last?


 Hey it's Friday and my first period started on Monday. When will it go away!?!?! It really heavy and I hate it. I am so scared of it leaking! I  afraid it will leak at school especially! Help please...?

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Okay don't freak out. Your period is a natural process of your body. Every woman has got to deal with it. When I first got mine I was a little shocked, too, about the "rivers". If you're parents will allow that, stay away from school until you got a feeling when to change a pad or tampon. First periods can be longer then 6 days and also heavy. You may have to wait a few month until your period will become regular. And why do you think it's heavy? How often do you change? Compare with friends or on the internet, if you really bleed that much you may want to tell your gyno, he can give you advice. Hope this helps.

And hey, congrats you are becoming a woman and maybe one day you will be able to have beautiful babys! Always look on the bright side!

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