What are people saying about Be Prepared Period?

I feel like Be Prepared Period is what my friends and our parents were looking for during our years of puberty. Be Prepared provides a wide range of products and services that fit all your MHM needs and often cannot be found in stores. Personally, I grew up in rural Alaska where there is nowhere that sells organic products, let alone menstrual cups and finding a helpful and caring company that delivers them to your doorstop is incredible. Be Prepared helps launch conversations between mothers, fathers, and daughters to help them understand their menstrual cycles and provide them with a full and in-depth range of knowledge and understanding.

Be Prepared’s mission driven business, working to eliminate menstrual taboos and provide education to girls and women on menstrual health is well received and appropriated. They do not aim to send you products at home because they don’t want you to have to be “embarrassed” to shop for it, rather they provide a wider range of products, with better prices, than those available in stores, all with beautiful packaging, and information, delivered with convenience.

I love the tweet chats that Be Prepared runs, making menstruation and feminine hygiene something that is normal and socially “acceptable” to discuss on social media. I also love the wide range of menstrual cups that Be Prepared offers. I was searching for a provider of Lunette cups to begin my first foray into this product. I promptly received my kit with a beautiful pink cup, wipes, and organic liners- not to mention the impressive freebies and pamphlets. I can’t believe it’s taken me 13 years to discover a menstrual cup but I have nothing but amazing things to say about Lunette. If you use OB tampons there is almost nothing different about the usage and being able to not worry about running to the bathroom all the time during the day completely changed my mindset. I am now a vocal advocate of the soft, comfortable Lunette cup and couldn’t think of a better way to buy the product except through Be Prepared Period.
Aunna Wilson - Pasand | Co-Founder

Washington, D.C.