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Journeying on a healthier and more comfortable menstrual period
Having chanced upon this website while searching for an alternative to wearing a pad for more comfort in an active lifestyle, Bepreparedperiod.com has been an amazing site in providing me with the knowledge of the health concerns of using a pad as compared to an alternative eco-friendly, healthy and convenient menstrual cups and as well as other products to help enable a more comfortably and healthy lifestyle during the menstrual cycle. It has indeed allowed me to expand my knowledge on such a topic which is not commonly talked about.I have also received great service from the owner of bepreparedperiod.com, Tara, who has patiently replied my emails and respond to my enquires regarding the menstrual cups. Overall, I am truly delighted to have got to know this website. Thank you so much for providing us with such an awesome platform!
Wai Ping