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Most women have around 400 periods in their lives and will spend about 8 years on their period. Are you doing everything you can to make that time healthy and comfortable?

Ginger is known to be very effective in relieving menstrual discomfort. Boil ginger slices in water, add honey, and enjoy natural pain relief.

Did you know? Exercise can help to relieve menstrual cramps. When you exercise, your brain releases endorphins, which are a known pain reliever. 

Work with your body to find the best solutions and habits for optimal health.

  • Period positive conversations can help to break the taboo around the topic of menstruation
  • Learn to understand and even celebrate your body by learning its patterns and how best to support it.
  • Understand all of the product options, so you can make a decision that is healthy for both your body and the environment.
  • Content is built with ladies of all ages in mind - we support women from their first periods all the way through to menopause

Women across the world have less access to life saving healthcare. Commit to learning your options and take advantage of the options available to live a healthier life.

Meet the Creator

Tara Bruley, founder of Be Prepared, Period.

A site about periods, you say? Is that really necessary? After all, isn’t that what parents and health education classes are for? The truth is that nothing can be further from the truth. In fact, for girls and their parents, no matter how loving and involved, ‘growing up’ can be a difficult, confusing albeit beautiful phase of life - that is often misunderstood and laced with silent shame.

As an intuitive and determined mother, in the midst of puberty with my own daughter I decided to do something about it. Realizing the lack of quality, empowering period resources available at the time is what lead me to create the Be Prepared 1st Period Kit.

In doing so, I found that menstrual concerns and issues didn't just stop at puberty. I found that by empowering mothers to make healthy changes in their lives, they could in turn, set a good example for their daughters. I found that grown women still experienced embarrassment buying products, largely due to the stigma attached to menstruation. I found that ladies still struggled with irregular periods and leaks, long after puberty. Most of all, I found that period symptoms like extreme cramps, menstrual migraines, bloating, heavy flow, breast tenderness and mood swings interrupted their lives on a monthly basis.

Combining my desir to help others and my passion for living a more natural, healthier life, I set out to grow Be Prepared Period to be a resource that helped ladies throughout their menstrual journey, from puberty through menopause.

Here’s what people in our community are saying about us:

“I am super impressed with your organization and what you are doing. I wish I had something like this when I was younger.” - Kim

“BPP brings awareness to proper nutrition, exercise and menstrual conditions that most people don't know about. Knowledge helps to improve everyone's quality of life.” - Kenny

“In a culture of menstrual misinformation and societal taboos, Be Prepared Period is a welcomed resource for girls, women and parents alike.” -Endometriosis Research Center

“BPP is an amazing site. It has indeed allowed me to expand my knowledge on such a topic which is not commonly talked about” -Wai

“Be Prepared Period is an awesome organization for young ladies! We salute the shared mission in making young ladies more aware of their personal capabilities.” -Ebony

“Can I just say, I freaking love this site?” -Rhianna

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