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30% of 8 year olds have already started puberty - chances are if your daughter hasn't started, one of her friends has.


Confidence plummets when girls hit puberty. The best way to fight this is to stay engaged, empowered, & educated on your changing body.


Girls who enter puberty earlier are more likely to experience anxiety & a loss of self-esteem. We believe that proactive planning can help.


Work with your daughter to avoid some of the emotional and mental stressors of puberty

  • Period positive conversations can help to break the taboo around the topic of menstruation
  • Help your daughter to understand and even celebrate her body by educating her on the perfectly normal changes she’s going through
  • Research and understand all of the product options, so she can make a decision that is healthy for her body and for the earth
  • Our content is PG and was built with ladies of all ages in mind - our site is a safe place to direct daughters and young girls to

42% of third grade girls wish they could lose weight. I’m committed to raising my daughter so she knows her body is perfect just the way it is.

    Meet the Creator

    Tara Bruley, founder of Be Prepared, Period.

A site about periods, you say? Is that really necessary? After all, isn’t that what parents and health education classes are for? The truth is that nothing can be further from the truth.

In fact, for girls and their parents, no matter how loving and involved, ‘growing up’ can be a difficult, confusing albeit beautiful phase of life - that is often misunderstood and laced with silent shame. Especially when it comes to reproductive development and periods.

So one intuitive and determined mother, finding herself in the midst of puberty with her own daughter decided to do something about it. She found it conflicting that there was nothing on the market that she could give to her daughter, to mark this special time in her life. So she created one, and she made a vow to go one-step further!

To also educate.

To make resources for parents and girls readily available and easily ac- cessible, as they SHOULD BE. To ease the transition so it becomes one of empowerment rather than shame – of celebration rather than confu- sion.

And most importantly, to spread the word, so that ALL girls and ALL parents could benefit from the truth about menstruation and puberty, which starts with the fact that it is 100% normal and completely natural.

Here’s what people in our community are saying about us:

“I am super impressed with your organization and what you are doing. I wish I had something like this when I was younger.” - Kim

“I feel like Be Prepared Period is what my friends and our parents were looking for during our years of puberty. Be Prepared provides a wide range of products and services that fit all your needs.” - Aunna

“In a culture of menstrual misinforma-tion and societal taboos, Be Prepared Period is a welcomed resource for girls, women and parents alike.” -Endometriosis Research Center

“Thank you for having this site! It's what girls, teens and women need!” -Teresa

“Be Prepared Period is an awesome organization for young ladies! We salute the shared mission in making young ladies more aware of their personal capabilities.” -Ebony

“Way to keep the conversation open and positive, Be Prepared Period!” -Rhianna

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