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I am super impressed with your organization and what you are doing. I wish I had something like this when I was younger. I will share this with my girls and also on my Facebook page.

Thank you!!! My order of reusable soft cups arrived so fast!! They are amazing! I will never go back to tampons.
K Day

Mustang, OK

Journeying on a healthier and more comfortable menstrual period
Having chanced upon this website while searching for an alternative to wearing a pad for more comfort in an active lifestyle, Bepreparedperiod.com has been an amazing site in providing me with the knowledge of the health concerns of using a pad as compared to an alternative eco-friendly, healthy and convenient menstrual cups and as well as other products to help enable a more comfortably and healthy lifestyle during the menstrual cycle. It has indeed allowed me to expand my knowledge on such a topic which is not commonly talked about.I have also received great service from the owner of bepreparedperiod.com, Tara, who has patiently replied my emails and respond to my enquires regarding the menstrual cups. Overall, I am truly delighted to have got to know this website. Thank you so much for providing us with such an awesome platform!
Wai Ping


I feel like Be Prepared Period is what my friends and our parents were looking for during our years of puberty. Be Prepared provides a wide range of products and services that fit all your MHM needs and often cannot be found in stores. Personally, I grew up in rural Alaska where there is nowhere that sells organic products, let alone menstrual cups and finding a helpful and caring company that delivers them to your doorstop is incredible. Be Prepared helps launch conversations between mothers, fathers, and daughters to help them understand their menstrual cycles and provide them with a full and in-depth range of knowledge and understanding.

Be Prepared’s mission driven business, working to eliminate menstrual taboos and provide education to girls and women on menstrual health is well received and appropriated. They do not aim to send you products at home because they don’t want you to have to be “embarrassed” to shop for it, rather they provide a wider range of products, with better prices, than those available in stores, all with beautiful packaging, and information, delivered with convenience.

I love the tweet chats that Be Prepared runs, making menstruation and feminine hygiene something that is normal and socially “acceptable” to discuss on social media. I also love the wide range of menstrual cups that Be Prepared offers. I was searching for a provider of Lunette cups to begin my first foray into this product. I promptly received my kit with a beautiful pink cup, wipes, and organic liners- not to mention the impressive freebies and pamphlets. I can’t believe it’s taken me 13 years to discover a menstrual cup but I have nothing but amazing things to say about Lunette. If you use OB tampons there is almost nothing different about the usage and being able to not worry about running to the bathroom all the time during the day completely changed my mindset. I am now a vocal advocate of the soft, comfortable Lunette cup and couldn’t think of a better way to buy the product except through Be Prepared Period.
Aunna Wilson - Pasand | Co-Founder

Washington, D.C.

Can I just say, I freaking love this site?
Way to keep the conversation open and positive Be Prepared Period!
Rhianna Walker


I recently ordered reusable Softcups from your website and I just opened the package. I was surprised to find free samples and pamphlets inside! It's like opening a present, especially with the decorative paper. I just wanted to say thanks for the awesome package and samples! I'll definitely be buying Softcups from this website from now on. Keep up the good work and I'll be sure to tell my friends about this awesome site!

Louisville, Kentucky

BePreparedPeriod is an awesome organization for young ladies! We salute the shared mission in making young ladies more aware of their personal capabilities. BePreparedPeriod recently sponsored an event hosted by Miss Believe, Inc. The products donated are extremely helpful for young ladies to become equipped and knowledgeable of their cycles.
Ebony Lewis - Executive Director

Miss Believe, Inc.

It's what girls, teens and women need!!!
Thank you for having this site! It's what girls, teens and women need!!!

I wanted to take the time to thank Be Prepared Period. The site is one girls, teens and women can go for all their needs from girls not yet starting their cycles to teens wanting their options and women checking out what’s new. I know you booth at GirlFest was one of the big hits. We do have parents and volunteers asking for your information, I send them to your website.

Your website is a safe place for girls, teen and women to go and research their options for organic Lunapads (who knew), to a cute bedazzled Be Prepared - TO GO!, to samplers for one to try find out what works best. It can be embarrassing for one to go into a grocery store, have to stand in the alley way and read the back of a product. Your website not only has what’s available at the store but MUCH MUCH more!

What I like best is the variety and the information you have on each of your products!
Teresa Woods - Director of Events & Corporate Partnerships

Girl Scouts of Western Washington

Be Prepared Period is a one-stop-shop not only for products, but for information. Through their blog, news articles and chats, they spread positivity about the body and menstruation. The resources provided also appeal to people of all ages and familiarity with menstruation and related topics. Things are discussed in an open and frank matter, using proper anatomical references to avoid reinforcing negativity that already exists about the body and its processes. The site is well laid out for ease-of-navigation and they encourage the readers to provide feedback and their personal content to be shared with others. Disseminating factual and positivity phrased information will help individuals change their minds about the beauty of the human body and is the core objective of the Be Prepared Period site and participants.

Be Prepared Period offers a safe and inclusive environment for all readers to share and browse information. Beyond the exposure online, they actively participate in community events and encouraging readers to consider how they can make their lives healthier. It’s great to see that they are not only encouraging the use of organic menstrual protection, but that it’s but one component that addresses overall bodily health. Be Prepared Period also brings awareness to maintaining proper nutrition, regular exercise, and even menstrual conditions/information that most people don’t know about. Knowledge is what will help improve everyone’s quality-of-life and encourages positive, professional dialogue. Most importantly, Be Prepared Period promotes contributions from everyone, not just those who menstruate. They realize it’s very important to not only engage with those who menstruate, but even those who don’t, so that EVERYONE has information that is relevant, genuine and positive.

I can’t deny how much I love the tweet chats. Unlike many sites, the monthly (and well timed) chats provide an opportunity to connect interested readers to each other and not only to the site. I’m guilty of missing Tweet chats due to my schedule, but I’m always confident the chats are recorded in transcripts that I can always peruse later on! Be Prepared Period not only concentrates on their own site/activities, they also actively reach out to other like-minded people to continue spreading positivity about the body and menstruation. They sell products that are hard to find in brick-and-mortar locations all in one place, with competitive prices and shipping charges. As a value-add service, they even offer monthly shipments to ensure you never run low on supplies! In partnership with entrepreneurs, Be Prepared Period’s giveaways and contests help expand the exposure of a variety of products. The site is well-maintained and I know I can always rely on having new content to read regularly!
Kenny C.

Ontario, Canada

In a culture of menstrual misinformation and societal taboos, Be Prepared Period is a welcomed resource for girls, women and parents alike. From eco-friendly products to monthly educational chats, every facet of Be Prepared is designed to inform and empower – even celebrate. With constant, compassionate advice and updates, it truly is a platform like no other for menstruation and transition from puberty; indeed, it will help all readers Be Prepared! We highly recommend this site to all our visitors seeking accurate and accessible information about this phase of life, whether for themselves or their daughters.
Endometriosis Research Center

I truly hope that more girls, t(w)eens, and women learn about BPP's Period talk forum. If a girl has nowhere else to turn, she can ask her questions in this caring environment. If she wants advice on how to approach a topic with her mother, she can ask here. If she needs an ice-breaker, she can use this site; "Hey, Mom? I just saw [this] on this site, and was wondering..." Best of all, if boys or men are curious but shy or ashamed (heaven forbid), they can ask their questions in this forum.

From a first-world perspective - I have friends who are so busy with their lives that they have, more than once, come to that time of the month, and found no products in their storage. BPP can deliver stuff right to your house for a decent price! You can purchase your items right when you think about it rather than hoping that you remember the next time you're out shopping. And if that isn't enough, you might learn about alternative menstrual management products that you may not have considered before.

From a global perspective - If we have this sort of convenience in our developed nations, what's stopping us from helping girls who stay home from school, or women who stay home from work how-many days per month because they don't have access to menstrual products? The answer: Nothing. BPP shows us that this is a reality.

I know I've already said this, but I really love the forum. Communication is everything, and this is a great medium.
Jessica McCormick

Santa Clara, CA

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