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If you are experiencing pain beyond discomfort with your menstrual cycle we urge you to dive deeper into your health to find the cause.

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My Experience with Fibroids – Guest Post by Monica Smith

I’ve been told a lot of lies in my life. “Heavy periods and painful periods are perfectly normal”, they said, and “having crazy mood swings that impact your personal relationships are also normal!” I’ve been led to believe that it’s a Woman’s curse to experience these things. That’s just how it goes, right?

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Is it PMS or PMDD?

Is it PMS or PMDD

Contributed by Danielle Bosley

If you find yourself struggling to stay focused and energized each month when Aunt Flow arrives, you’re not alone. For a lot of women, the societal stigma against periods and all things related to them makes it hard to talk about. In fact, many ladies who battle these issues suffer in silence for years. Many assume they must be clinically insane or suffering from some form of mental illness, so they don’t speak up.Read More… >>

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Detox Your Period for Pain Relief

detox your period for pain relief

By Arielle D. Dance, PhD

Can Tampons Cause Cramps? Detox Your Period for Pain Relief

For many women, periods come with a host of discomforts: cramping, headaches, fear of leaks, back pain, and maybe even leg pain. As someone who was diagnosed with endometriosis, a painful pelvic pain condition, in my teens, I have experienced countless painful periods and have been on the search for relief. I have finally found the perfect combination of essential oils, aromatherapy-infused heating pads, and stretches that bring me comfort.
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When Period Pain ISN’T Normal

By Amy Morris

Period Pain Isn't Normal

There is no doubt that as women, our bodies are nothing short of amazing. But what isn’t so amazing is the pain that can occur when our good friend Aunt Flo shows up in the form of our monthly period. Ladies of all ages, please take note that not all period pain is normal. I hope to provide a guide on when you urgently need to see your gynecologist, and also where you have the power to improve your cycle pain naturally, using diet and supplements.Read More… >>

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What are Fibroids?

By Dr Zeenobiyah McGowan Ph.D.

What are uterine fibroids

What are Fibroids?

A diagnosis of uterine fibroids can be a scary thing, but it does not necessarily mean what you think. Fibroids are tumors, but they are almost always non-cancerous. Ninety-seven percent of the time, they do not even have an impact on fertility. It is a common problem that affects many women. They are most likely to be found in your childbearing years (20s and 30s) but they can be diagnosed at any time. It is, however, rare for this diagnosis to take place after menopause.

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