Menstrual Cups

Menstrual Cups

The revolutionary product improving women's periods. The long list of benefits include: 12 hour protection, holds more than a super tampon, safer, better for the environment and the cost $avings!!

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Discover period bliss with The DivaCup, menstrual cup! While a new concept for many, menstrual..


Softcup (Instead)

Instead Softcup - 14 count   A unique, proven advancement in period protection. Instead Soft..


Softcup Purse Pack

The Softcup purse pack conveniently holds two Softcups and fits in any handbag or clutch. It allows ..


XO Flo

Say hello to XO Flo! With proper care and use, your XO Flo can last for years of period protection t..



6oz Bottle The DivaWash is a luxurious and moisturizing body wash that can also be used to clean..


Softcup Sample Pack

Contains 2 Softcups, instructions, and a brochure with FAQs and more.  A unique, proven adva..


Summer Sampler

The Summer Sampler A perfect way to try several new products all at once! Whether you are a "mens..


Softcup Reusable - DISCONTINUED

Qty: 2 Softcups   Extremely affordable AND eco-friendly! One box lasts you 2 cycles. &..


Feelbetter Liquid Wash

10oz Bottle   Hey, sister! Nice to see you're one of our cup-using crowd. So as you know,..


Disinfecting Cup Wipes

Box of 10 individually wrapped wipes. When you are on-the-go . . . for your purse or pocket Th..


Lunette Menstrual Cup - DISCONTINUED

Discover the easy-to-use, healthier alternative to tampons.   The Lunette menstrual cup i..