Period Tips to Ease the Discomforts of Menstruation


It’s time to stop living with the belief that bad periods are just a part of life. Start taking charge of your health and learn how you can have a better period!

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What Is Period Acne & How Do I Get Rid Of It?

Period acne is an ongoing problem that sometimes continues to happen well into adulthood. It’s annoying and may make you want to hide in a hole. Don’t worry – you’re not alone – today’s article discusses this condition (occasionally referred to as PMS acne or hormonal acne) in depth and explores what you can do to make it more tolerable. Let’s dive in.

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What Are The Best Ways To Get Period Stains Out Of Panties

Guest post by Laura Slingo

We’ve all been there. You’ve just woken up and popped to the toilet, or you’ve taken a bathroom break at work, and you’ve discovered another surprise stain in your panties.

As if it isn’t annoying enough to have to deal with cramps, heavy flows and bloating, women also have to deal with period stains in our favorite panties and on white bed sheets. It doesn’t really seem fair, does it?

But before you throw another pair of panties in the trash or add them to your designated only-fit-for-your-period pile of ruined panties, stop!

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How To: Stop Your Period (Let’s Talk Pros and Cons)

how to stop your period

We talk a lot about period positivity around here, but we get it. Periods can be a real pain in the you-know-what. Sometimes, it would be easier if your period just didn’t show up for a month or two, right? As with any health decision, attempting to control or change your cycle does come with certain repercussions – but are they worth worrying about? We’re answering all of your questions! Below, you’ll find everything you need to know about the pros and cons of interfering with your body’s menstrual cycle.  We’ll be covering the following topics:
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How to Make a Menstrual Cycle Calendar

how to make a menstrual cycle calendar

By Cynthia –

First of all, if you just got your first period, welcome to the club! We have cookies and chocolate (and we’ll share!)

With the arrival of your first period comes the need to start keeping track of your menstrual health. How are you supposed to do that, you might ask? By creating a menstrual calendar! Today’s blog post will show you how to make your very own menstrual cycle calendar, and why it’s important.
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Why You Should Ditch Scented Period Products

ditch scented period products

We’re so grateful to be living in the modern era. Think about it: just one hundred years ago, women were wearing restrictive corsets and layers upon layers of thick petticoats. (Can you imagine how uncomfortable that must have been on a hot summer day?! Not to mention the physical repercussions of those tight waist cinchers. No, thank you!) Yes, it’s true: some of trends are better left in the past.

As history has progressed, the desire for comfort and safety has slowly started to win over aesthetics or outdated standards (thank goodness!) Of course, we’ve still got some work to do. The next item we could all benefit from leaving behind? Scented period products.

We’ve talked about the dangers of conventional period products before.  But the subject of fragrance (especially when it comes to your vagina!) is one that’s worth diving a little deeper into.Read More… >>

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