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5 Crazy Ways our Cycles Connect to the Moon



The full moon has everyone looking to the sky in awe. For thousands of years, humans have been fascinated by that majestic lunar shape in the sky.

If you’re anything like us, you’ve spent your life hearing how women and their cycles are affected by the moon, and yet you may not truly know what the buzz is all about. We’ve got you covered! This week, we’re shedding some light on how our cycles may interact with our celestial neighbor. Read on, moon mamas…


1. The moon cycles throughout the month, just like we do. 
In fact, most women’s cycles are 28 days, similar to the moon. As hard as it can be to imagine, that’s no coincidence! Many animals have been shown to be affected by the moon. For example, crabs have been shown to be more active during a full moon because of its affect on tides. That’s what we call going with the flow! 

2. Some women link their cycle with the moon cycle for unexpected benefits.
Have you ever noticed that your cycle starts to coincide with the friend or coworker you spend the most time with? In this same way, some women strive to connect their cycle with the moon. If you are linked with the moon’s cycle, your estrogen will build during the time between the new moon and the full moon. When the full moon arrives, your cycle will culminate with ovulation, which would support the long-held belief of the link between the full moon and fertility.

3. Feelings and emotions tend to peak during the full moon. 
Many emergency room personnel report a spike in hospital admissions on the night of a full moon. Kinda spooky, right? This “Full Moon Madness” belief doesn’t stop in the ER, though. It has been reported that Native American women used to separate themselves from during their cycles and join up with other women to tap into their femininity and soak up the moon’s energy. If this sounds appealing to you, the next time the moon is full, try going to a dance class, a restorative yoga practice, or gather a group of your girlfriends and soak in the beautiful light of the moon. You can howl at the moon if you want, we won’t tell anyone. Full moon party, anyone? 

4. The new moon represents a reset of the feminine cycle.
With the fullness of the full moon comes the dark emptiness of the new moon – which has long been thought to represent the beginning of a woman’s menstrual cycle. Some studies even suggest that conception and ovulation rates are lower during this time period.

5. Are you a white moon or a red moon? 
If you tend to ovulate during the full moon and menstruate during the new moon, you are a “white moon”. If you find that you are the opposite, meaning that you menstruate on or around the full moon and ovulate during the new moon, you are a red moon. “White moon cycles” are typically linked to motherhood and fertility, while “red moon cycles” are linked to outward expressions of creativity, self growth, and mentorship.

Now we ask you: do you find any connection to the lunar phases? If you’re not sure, try to monitor your lunar link over the next month. The results may surprise you! While the relationship between the moon and our bodies is not yet fully understood, anything that encourages greater connection to nature and our cycles is a positive thing, we say!

Tara Bruley & the Be Prepared. Period team

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