how to stop your period

We talk a lot about period positivity around here, but we get it. Periods can be a real pain in the you-know-what. Sometimes, it would be easier if your period just didn’t show up for a month or two, right? As with any health decision, attempting to control or change your cycle does come with certain repercussions – but are they worth worrying about? We’re answering all of your questions! Below, you’ll find everything you need to know about the pros and cons of interfering with your body’s menstrual cycle.  We’ll be covering the following topics:
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how to make a menstrual cycle calendar

By Cynthia –

First of all, if you just got your first period, welcome to the club! We have cookies and chocolate (and we’ll share!)

With the arrival of your first period comes the need to start keeping track of your menstrual health. How are you supposed to do that, you might ask? By creating a menstrual calendar! Today’s blog post will show you how to make your very own menstrual cycle calendar, and why it’s important.
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ditch scented period products

We’re so grateful to be living in the modern era. Think about it: just one hundred years ago, women were wearing restrictive corsets and layers upon layers of thick petticoats. (Can you imagine how uncomfortable that must have been on a hot summer day?! Not to mention the physical repercussions of those tight waist cinchers. No, thank you!) Yes, it’s true: some of trends are better left in the past.

As history has progressed, the desire for comfort and safety has slowly started to win over aesthetics or outdated standards (thank goodness!) Of course, we’ve still got some work to do. The next item we could all benefit from leaving behind? Scented period products.

We’ve talked about the dangers of conventional period products before.  But the subject of fragrance (especially when it comes to your vagina!) is one that’s worth diving a little deeper into.Read More… >>

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How to use a menstrual cup in public

If you’re thinking about making the switch to menstrual cups, most likely you’re familiar with the long list of benefits for ditching your conventional period products. Menstrual cups are eco-friendly, nontoxic, budget friendly, and may even help to reduce menstrual cramps. As with any change, it’s common to have questions about how making the switch to menstrual cups will impact your routine. Today, we’re tackling one on the most common concerns for women considering cups: how do you use a menstrual cup when you’re on the go?
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detox your period for pain relief

By Arielle D. Dance, PhD

Can Tampons Cause Cramps? Detox Your Period for Pain Relief

For many women, periods come with a host of discomforts: cramping, headaches, fear of leaks, back pain, and maybe even leg pain. As someone who was diagnosed with endometriosis, a painful pelvic pain condition, in my teens, I have experienced countless painful periods and have been on the search for relief. I have finally found the perfect combination of essential oils, aromatherapy-infused heating pads, and stretches that bring me comfort.
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When Aunt Flow shows up on your doorstep, often times she brings along an unwanted guest: period cramps. When PMS symptoms strike, it is all too easy to reach for the pain medication you’ve always used to alleviate those symptoms. But that trusty old bottle comes with some pretty nasty health risks, too.

We’ve talked about the things you can be doing all month long to help relieve Aunt Flow’s side effects. But what happens when you need relief, stat? Are over the counter pain pills your only option? Heck no! Read on for our top natural home remedies to relieve those pesky pains. Read More… >>

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How to survive a heavy Period

by Jackie Bolen


Do any of the following sound familiar to you?

  • You have to change even a jumbo tampon every couple of hours
  • You never, ever, ever wear white, or light colored pants during your period
  • You wear a nighttime pad, not only at night, but all the time
  • You can’t remember the last time you slept through an entire night during your period
  • You feel like you spend a ridiculous amount of money on disposable feminine hygiene products every single month.


If these things represent your life, then chances are you have what is considered a “heavy period.” You have my sympathy! It’s a tough situation and not one to be envied. However, there are a few things you can to do to survive a heavy period in style. Or, perhaps just make it a little less terrible? Onwards to the tips!Read More… >>

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Mood Swing Inducing Foods to Avoid

By Helen Sanders

If you had to name one cause of mood-swings in women, what instantly comes into your mind?

Would you be surprised if I said foods can determine the way you feel?

Believe me it’s true, what we eat can affect our hormone levels and it’s no secret they play a big part in controlling our emotions.

This can be particularly poignant at sensitive times of the month. Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) also impacts hormone levels. Feelings of anxiety, sadness, and irritability are all familiar mood-swings experienced because of this.

You may not be able to change the fact you are going to have a period, but you can control the intensity of symptoms.

I would like to share with you seven mood-swing inducing foods you should try to avoid to give you some relief and make PMS a little easier to cope with.

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Whats wrong with conventional period products


Tampons, pads, menstrual cups, period undies. Conventional, organic, cotton, reusable. When it comes to period products, it can be difficult to cut through the clutter and figure out the best choice for you. And more to the point, you may not even know why thinking outside the (Playtex) box is so important. Maybe you’re wondering, “What’s the big deal?” or, “Can something I only use a few days a month really impact my health?” (Spoiler alert: yes, it can.)

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To the guys in my life: I think you should know …

Times have seriously changed. While women have made great strides toward equal rights, there are still a few things that are still misunderstood about women. In keeping with our theme of the month, it’s time to set the record straight for gals of all ages. To the gents in our lives, don’t stress if you don’t totally understand – the key here is to respect our differences. But if you’re a brother, dad, boyfriend or friend and you’ve made it this far, we applaud you for giving it your best effort. Here’s 10 things we wish you knew.

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