Questions about the menstrual cup??


I’ve read a bunch of reviews/videos about the menstrual cup but always had questions about it getting it stuck, not being comfortable, or leaking. Are these worries true?? Btw I’m 13 and of course a virgin. Oh and what would be the best brand of a menstrual cup for beginners? Thank you!! :)

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 Hi Liz!

I converted from tampons and pads to the Diva Cup a little over a year ago. Even as a 33 y/o woman, I had the same questions and concerns as you about the cup. Using a cup does take a little dexterity and "getting used to" but by and large I find it to be easy to use and incredibly comfortable, more so than tampons.

Can it get stuck? Not really. Each cup has a little stem that is helpful in locating the cup when you're ready to remove it. The length of this stem varies from brand to brand so you might want to try one with a longer stem for starters. (Lunette is having a give-away through this website this month!!) One of the nice things about the vagina is the fact that it stretches so with a little practice it's easy to get your index finger and thumb inside to grasp the cup for removal. In fact, using a cup gives you a really good opportunity to learn more about your vagina - how it feels, works, etc. Personally, I think you're at a great age to start learning about this part of your body. I feel much more in control and knowledgable about myself now that I'm using the cup. Here's a great article about that by Sarah Ogden: 

Is it uncomfortable? If the cup isn't inserted high enough into the vagina, I find the stem can be a little uncomfortable when sitting, but this is easily resolved by pushing the cup a little higher inside. After a few months of practice, I stopped having this issue altogether because I'd gotten the hang of insertion.

Does it leak? After you finishing inserting the cup, give it a quarter turn to lock it in place so there aren't any leaks. This twist creates a seal preventing any flow from leaking out. I still wear a pantyliner when using the cup just in case. When you remove the cup, you'll hear a little "pop" which indicates the seal has broken.

I've read that a lot of people find the cup to be "too messy". While it is a significantly more "hand on" menstrual product (read: you will get some blood on your fingers), in my experience it has been much neater than tampons or pads. And extra BONUS - you only have to empty the cup 2x per day, every 12 hrs rather than rushing to the bathroom every 4-8 hrs to change a tampon or pad.

One thing to keep in mind with reuseable menstrual cups is that they need to be thoroughly cleaned/disinfected at the end of your cycle. I wash mine with a Diva Cup rinse after each use, then sanitize with boiled water at the end of my cycle.

I hope this information is useful to you and please don't hesitate to ask more questions! I truly find the cup to be a superior menstrual product and cannot speak highly enough about how it has changed my period for the better. I wish I would have known about it 20 yrs ago when I started my period.

Wishing you a happy period!


PS. One thing I didn't anticipate when I switched to the cup was that it would inspire me artistically. Please check out my menstrual cup inspired art project at 

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Jen Lewis


Welcome to the wonderful world of alternatives!  Probably every woman who's considered using a cup has asked herself these same questions.  I did, too.  One day, I was sitting around a café table telling some friends about the DivaCup (as this was the only cup I knew about at the time).  While I expected a little bit of revoltion, I expected more curiosity and questions; this was a university coffeehouse, after all.  Disappointed in their disgusted responses, I informed them that I was going straight from that table to the nearest store that sold the cups, and I would report back on how it worked for me.

PLEASE, do not be discouraged if it doesn't work out for you the first time!  Many women experience leaking the first time they use the cup, and possible for the first few cycles.  You can wear a pad (or Lunapad) for backup until you get the hang of it.  I was a freak of nature who didn't experience her first leak with the cup until well over a year of use; this might happen to you, too!

The cup has never been uncomfortable for me, unlike tampons, which I could always feel.  You might sometimes feel it when you lay down, as it may move when your muscles shift and relax.  This happens to me sometimes, but it does not hurt.  The first time I tried removing the cup was met with a bit of resistance.  I pulled, and it was reluctant to budge, but this did not hurt, either.  I referred to the instruction pamphlet, which reminded me to pinch the cup to break the seal, and it came out smoothly.
Compare this to my first experience with a tampon:  While it was easy as anything to insert, removal was another story  When it came time to change, I was sitting in my then-boyfriend's (now husband) bathroom.  I tugged on the string, and it didn't budge.  I pulled harder, and I felt as though I might turn myself inside out.  I sat there for a few minutes before referring to the instruction booklet, which only told me to relax.  I was relaxed the first time; I was panicking now!  I did finally remove it, but there was a lot of drag, as this was the beginning of my period and very light.  Light periods don't offer tampons much lubrication.  This doesn't matter nearly as much for cups; the natural mucus is typically enough, though a water-based lubricant (or just plain warm water) can be used.

As for which type of menstrual cup to use, I'm still trying to collect stories on a question of my own:
How did you decide upon which menstrual cup to use?

I hope at least some of this puts your mind at ease! :)

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Thanks for posting this!

Im totes scared to use the cup! :/

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