As Earth Day approaches many of us start to think about becoming more “green.” But what does “green” mean? (and we’re not talking color!)

Definition of GREEN (per Merriam-Webster): a: relating to or being an environmentalist political movement b : concerned with or supporting environmentalism c : tending to preserve environmental quality (as by being recyclable, biodegradable, or nonpolluting)

5 ways to make your period greenThat said, where does this leave you? There are so many ways to be “green” or “eco friendly.” You can buy organic produce (free from chemicals & pesticides), you can use cloth shopping bags instead of paper or plastic, you can choose to ride a bike or walk instead of taking the car, and the list goes on…But have you thought about making your periods “green?” Why not?

Did you know the average woman uses an estimated 16,000 menstrual products in her lifetime? Think of the amount of waste that creates. Now times that by like… EVERY WOMAN on the PLANET! Disgusting! And it gets worse, most traditional pads and panty liners are made from 90% plastic. How long do you think that will take to decompose? Horrifying!

You may be wondering, “How on earth do you make your period green?” We don’t want to bombard you with a lengthy list so here’s a few ideas you might try. It includes both disposable and reusable options.


1. Switch to an Organic/Natural Pad or Tampon. These options still provide the convenience of disposable products but are much more eco friendly. They are made from chlorine-free and plastic free biodegradable materials. Maxim Hygiene & Natracare make some great products. They are also a safer option for your personal health. Tampon related TSS is a very real danger!


2. Consider trying a Menstrual Cup. A what? Don’t feel bad, many women are not familiar with menstrual cups. Like a tampon, it is worn inside the vagina, but rather than absorbing menstrual fluid and causing vaginal dryness it collects it. Check out our most recent menstrual cup reviews. DivaCup and the Instead Softcup are some of women’s most favorites.


3. Try using Cloth Pads. Cloth pads make a great choice for women that prefer to use external products (especially those that have sensitivities or irritations to traditional pads). Not only are they comfy, but they come in many different sizes form mini to long. Oh! And did we mention they are made from really cute fabric! Lunapads have received great reviews.


4. SAVE your Panties! (and sheets) Don’t toss those panties and sheets as soon as they get stained. Try using a stain remover such as Ruby’s Red Wash to remove menstrual stains. Being made from a mixture of live bacterial cultures makes it biodegradable (a much better alternative than using harsh chemicals such as bleach).


5. Wear “Period Panties.” We’re not talking about the “special” underwear (filled with menstrual stains hidden in the back of your drawer), we’re talking about underwear specifically designed to be warn as a backup with your normal sanitary pad/tampon or menstrual cup routine. They have special absorbent layers with black inner lining to not show stains. Imagine how many panty liners you can save from the landfills! For more info you can check out Dear Kate.


We find so many women are not familiar with all the options that are out there today. We hope to help educate women on the many, healthy menstrual alternatives.


Are you ready to make a change? We invite you to shop Be Prepared. Period. as you explore your many feminine hygiene options. And as an added incentive for “going green” we’ll give you an extra 10% off all our organic & reusable products! Just enter promo code: #EarthDay (exp. 4/25)

Periods can be inconvenient but shopping for supplies doesn’t have to be! (subscription options available) Please feel free to contact us with any questions.


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