Give the gift of pubperty preparation

Let’s face it.  If you have a daughter in your house, there is going to come a day when she will begin menstruating.

Research shows that many girls today are starting their periods earlier than ever, which clearly indicates that “the talk” (or rather the first discussion of many) likely needs to occur sooner rather than later.  The more prepared you can make your daughter for the changes that are coming, the better equipped and more empowered she will be to face puberty.

Puberty can be a confusing time for both our daughters and for parents and guardians.  As a parent or guardian, it is your job to empower and equip your daughter for the road ahead.  With clear communication, compassionate dialogue and the necessary tools you can make this often frightening and exciting time of transition in your daughter’s life much, much easier.  (For both of you!)

Gift of Puberty PreparationThe Be Prepared 1st Period Kit is the perfect solution to help parents and their daughters take collaborative strides toward understanding and communication when it comes to puberty.  This kit includes a fashionable, sequined travel bag that is just right for storing supplies in a bag/purse while on the go. A heat patch for up to 12 hours of cramp relief, 4 regular, individually wrapped pads with wings, 2 pantiliners, 2 feminine wipes, and two separate informational guides – one for you, and one for your daughter.

Beyond the first period, Be Prepared Period strives to help parents and guardians find convenient options for girls to purchase the supplies they need without embarrassing trips to store.  Be Prepared Period also offers gift certificates that can be used to purchase all of the products on the site,  so that fathers and other family members can rally together to support the girls they love through puberty without compromising her privacy.

In addition, BPP offers a subscription program which ensures that the girl in your life will always have her supplies delivered discreetly to her door.  This is a fantastic option for girls who may spend time in different households due to family situations.

Giving Be Prepared Gift cards or signing up for the subscription service is the perfect way to show the girl in your life how much you love and support her as she embarks on her journey to growing up.  When parents and guardians choose to take proactive steps to make sure their daughters are completely prepared for puberty, you not only give the gift of love, but of acceptance as well.  And when YOU embrace the changes in her life, she will be much more willing to accept them as well.

Here’s to a better period,
Tara and the BPP team

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