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When it comes to menstruation and puberty, it’s totally normal to have questions. There are so many changes happening in your body, and it’s important for you to find answers to the questions you have. But if you’re not sure where to turn for guidance, it’s possible that you’ll end up with some less-than-accurate info. Heck, there are tons of grown women out there who think a tampon can get lost inside your body, like it’s just going to float up and hang out next to your liver for no reason whatsoever (for the record, this is not possible. Phew!) But when girls have questions, it can be hard for them to know where to look for the right answers. Luckily for you, we’ve got your back.

The obvious answer might be to just ask someone, but for many girls, the answers may not always be so simple to find. Maybe there aren’t any women in your life that you trust. Maybe you live with your dad and don’t feel comfortable discussing these topics with him. Maybe your mom doesn’t menstruate. There are so many reasons that a girl may need alternate sources of information.

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In this case, many girls turn to their schools. Your school can be a good source of information, but even they can have their limitations. Sometimes the school doesn’t have a strong health education program, or any program, due to insufficient funding or a variety of other reasons. Or maybe a school does have a great program, but the information is coming a little too late for early bloomers.

Finally, and perhaps most common, many girls turn to their friends for a little help. The problem is, even if they are your age or a little bit older, these girls could be just as uninformed for all of the reasons we listed above. Think about the game “telephone”. One person whispers a phrase, maybe “The cheese stands alone,” to the first person, and it’s then whispered along the line, until you reach the final person. The final person invariably announces something completely off-base like “My fleas are homegrown.” This is what can happen if girls get their information from unreliable sources, or they hear it secondhand. In this situation, it is undoubtedly better that you go right to the source to get the answers you need.

This is where Be Prepared. Period comes in. (Hi, that’s us!) We share extensive guidance covering menstrual health, first periods, puberty, and more with accurate, reliable information in an honest and easy to understand way. Think of us as your online period BFFs – we’re here to help guide you through this time with a whole lotta understanding, love, and even a bit of humor.

But how exactly can we help? We’re glad you asked. Below, you’ll find a list of the most common areas that girls your age need a little assistance in.

It’s important to keep making consistent, healthy decisions, even when all you want to do is retreat into a cave with the equivalent your body weight in donuts. A webinar with a nutritionist can help girls and women make smart choices and maintain positive habits, even in the midst of monstrous menstrual cramps.

Do you have questions about irregular cycles or about how to reign in your mood swings to keep from rampaging around the city like a movie monster? Have you heard scary words like Endometriosis or Toxic Shock Syndrome, and you want to know the signs, and if you’re at risk? We’ve got you covered.

Are you totally new to all of this stuff? We start at the beginning with helpful info like a tutorial about how to insert a tampon or tips on how to keep up energy levels throughout your cycle (see above: hibernating bear-like tendencies).

Struggling to find the words to share what’s happening to you? For so long, it seems like talking about periods in public has been so taboo. But that is absolutely not the case anymore! Menstruation is as natural as breathing and there’s no reason to avoid talking about it. Check out stories from other girls and women about their personal period experiences!

Want to learn from other girls in a safe environment? If you have questions that haven’t been answered elsewhere, you can check out Period Talk. This is an open forum in which to ask questions and get feedback not only from experts, but also from the community at large. Girls can check out the questions that have previously been discussed, or ask their own and trust that they are getting safe, reliable information.

Be Confident, Be Prepared

Of course, if you don’t find the answers you’re looking for, we’re just an email away to answer any other questions you still have. We’re girls just like you, just a few years further along with all of this period stuff. You can trust that when you reach out to us, you’ll receive an honest, heartfelt reply. There is nothing to be embarrassed about – we’re here to help.

There’s no need to play Telephone and end up with misinformation simply because you don’t know who or what to ask. Luckily, with Be Prepared. Period, you don’t have to.

-The Be Prepared Period team

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