As you may know, we love to offer giveaways at

We find it’s a great way to introduce new, healthy options to women unfamiliar with organic and reusable products.

Holiday Cash ExtravaganzaIf you’ve subscribed to our giveaway alerts, you’ve probably noticed most of them are menstrual in nature, like the DivaCup Gift Pack we’ve got going on. (FYI, this would make for an awesome gift for yourself or your favorite gal pal – so make sure to check it out!)

BUT what if you’d like something a little extra this year,Β  or maybe you are running a little low on cash this holiday season? Well, our friends over at voiceBoks have invited us to share in offering you a great opportunity to win a Holiday Cash Bonus of $175 (imagine how many tampons, pads or menstrual cups that could buy!!) πŸ˜‰

Entering to win is SUPER SIMPLE, just visit voiceBoks’s Holiday Cash Extravaganza page and you will find many ways in which you can enter (some of which are simply liking and following us on Facebook and Twitter). And a tip to improve your odds… the more points or entries you gain, the higher your chances are for winning. And one winner will take it all!!!

Go Here to Enter

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