I got my First Period in May of 2009 when I was 11, now I’m 15. I got up & got dressed, I remember I was wearing purple capris with sneakers & a white shirt, I also had my hair pulled back. I remember I had to pee so I went to the bathroom, when I looked at my underwear they had pink stuff on it. I remember getting a little freaked out even though my mom had told me about periods. I got out & was like, “mom we gotta get me pads.” She was like, “pads? for what?” Then i said, “mom i have my period,” she started to cry i mean CRY! I was like ” -.- really mom really?” lol I stayed home from school that whole week cuz I go for a WEEK on my period.

Then my dad came home from work and she told him. My mom had told him in their bedroom, she came out and told me he was a little sad. He got sad cuz I’m the only daughter he has, I have 3 brothers. He knew that now I got my period I was already becoming a woman. Like most people say than pretty soon I’ll graduate, then go to college, then have a family of my own. I mean I kinda like my period & I’m glad I got it at 11 cuz some girls get it at 15.

By Marie A.


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