This is a story that goes back all the way to high school. I was experiencing a heavy flow and I remember I was wearing a regular pad. I did a lot of walking around and sitting during the day and you know what that does to your period right?

Dedy @ The Period BlogIt makes your period flow more towards the front than the back so a simple solution for this is to just strategically place your pad closer to the front. This means your pad will cover less area at the back but as long as you know you’re not doing any activity that involves laying down such as sit ups or napping, then you shouldn’t experience any leaks.

Anyways, when I realized that I had leaked, it was already too late. My period had leaked and seeped through my pants and ON TO my jeans!!! And yes you could see it… it was right on my crotch!

I didn’t have PE that day or any spare PE strip in my locker either so I had no spare pants to change into. I could have spent the rest of the day pulling my shirt down to cover it or holding my books in front of me to hide it but that would look too awkward and what if I was so unfortunate that someone actually saw as I was trying to hide it?!

Thankfully, a girl friend had lots of jeans in her locker. I think it was extra PE strip or a change of clothes she didn’t bother to bring home. I remember she had two pairs of jeans and she was so nice to let me borrow a pair of her jeans! Even when she knew I had leaked onto my panties! So so incredibly nice of her! I could have spent the rest of the day awkwardly trying to hide my period crotch but my friend was so nice to let me borrow a change of clothes.

I used to be really shy about asking for period help but now I am really comfortable with it. I find that many girls, even strangers are willing to help when you’re experiencing period troubles. So girls, if you ever see a girl having trouble with the pad dispenser machine or looking a little distraught in the washroom, offer help! Everyone has been there before.

To this day, I still pay it forward!

By Dedy
The Period Blog

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