It was summer 2002, right around my 11th birthday. I had gone to my dad’s house for a weekend visit and ended up getting my first period on the Friday night.

I asked my mom to come pick me up on the Saturday because my dad and his wife were just not prepared to be helpful. Periods, sexual health, etc. type topics (or any type topics, really!) have never been uncomfortable or unwelcome at my mom’s house, so when I got home, my stepdad greeted me with a loud “So I hear you’re a woman now!”, a huge smile, and a hug.

My mom generally didn’t use tampons, so her friend came by with a small box because we all planned on going swimming. They both sort of talked me through inserting it properly and comfortably from the other side of the bathroom door, and then we just went about our day! Apart from not being in the most ideal location at first, I know a lot of girls who have experienced worse! Not a bad first time!

Oh, and 12 years later, I’d highly recommend the DivaCup or another brand of menstrual cup! Super easy, environmentally friendly, and cost-effective!

Congratulations to all my fellow females who have entered womanhood! 😉 And good luck to those who will soon be embarking on this beautiful journey!

Girl power!




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