Growing up, I was a swimmer. I took swim lessons in back to back sessions and I eventually became a life guard. I had to learn how to use a tampon rather early on in my period experiences. I didn’t realize how time consuming trying to figure out how to use a tampon would be nor did I ever think that I would want my Mom’s assistance or advice. My Mom left to go out with her friends on the day that I had to figure out how to use one. I was having a swim test that was very important and I could not miss. I spent what seemed like hours upon hours locked up in the bathroom with a mirror and some tampons. My father eventually came upstairs to check on me to see if I was ok. I blushed through the closed door. He obviously couldn’t help me and I could tell that he felt awkward and embarrassed about the whole thing. Boy, was I ever glad when I finally came out of the bathroom having figured it all out. That day, I promised myself that if I ever had a daughter that I would not leave her if she needed my support with feminine issues, at least not to go out with my friends.

By Multi-Testing Mommy

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