The problem with sex ed in public schools

In recent years, there have been many cutbacks within school systems that have completely obliterated sex education and personal awareness classes for girls.

These classes, often approached with rolling eyes and embarrassed giggles from girls, were extremely important, fundamental really – in educating young girls about the ABC’s of puberty – from bras to periods and everything in between. Additionally, there are thousands of girls being home schooled, or taking classes online – which completely removes them from the typical Sex Ed curriculum AND the opportunity to learn about these ‘life lessons’ from inside the bathroom stalls at school.

Sadly, the absence of educational programs means that there are a lot of girls that are left in the dark about puberty. And likely, a lot of parents that don’t realize their daughters are in the dark. One of the worst things that can happen to a young girl is to start menstruation without being prepared, or for her to feel abnormal because her pubescent journey is different from other girls she knows.

With the onset of puberty, occurring earlier than ever, it is a parental responsibility to make sure that the girls in your life are prepared. And ready. And clear on the straight facts about puberty. Misinformation is just as bad as no information.

The problem with sex ed in public schools

Be Prepared Period is here for you. We realize this foundational educational program is virtually non-existent (or occurs too late for many girls that start puberty at a younger age). Because of this, we have striven to provide a platform for both adults and girls, in which they can get the most accurate information about puberty quickly and easily. (And discreetly.) We not only offer first period kits and monthly supplies subscriptions – but we also provide caregivers and girls comprehensive, compassionate and accurate guides that provide the straight facts about periods and puberty.

Be Prepared Period’s site was created to inform, educate, and remind parents and children that periods are a completely normal and natural part of life and growing up.
We even give females of all ages the opportunity to share their stories about puberty with the hopes that all of us will realize we have more in common than we think.

Be Prepared Period encompasses the needs of all types of families from all social backgrounds and strives to empower and equip parents and children to communicate about this exciting time in life and accept it with open arms.

It is extremely important that young girls are privy to information about puberty and periods in particular. Parents and guardians cannot rely on school systems to inform children about the ABC’s of puberty. The truth is that it is never too early to start talking about puberty with your daughter and you should start now. An easy icebreaker is the Be Prepared First Period Kit.

The Be Prepared Period site is prepared to act as a fully functional educational guide for parents and girls so that they will always BE PREPARED.

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