Top Ways to Prepare Your Daughter for Her Period at School


Her backpack is packed and she’s ready to go…but have you prepared her for her period? Sure, you may have had “the talk” (or several talks!), but preparing to handle getting your period and cramps at school is a whole different set of topics. Many schools have moved away from allowing lockers, over the counter pain medications, or backpacks – so what should your daughter do when Aunt Flow unexpectedly arrives?

Luckily, the answer can be quite simple. Read on for our top three tips for preparing your daughter for her period at school.

Top Ways to Prepare Your Daughter for Her Period at School
  • 1. Have extra supplies on hand.
Periods (especially the first one!) can be hard to predict at first, so have plenty of pads or tampons at the ready. We recommend filling a small pouch with her favorite product, a couple of panty liners, and a feminine wipe or two. (Our First Period Kit is a great place to start!) If your daughter has a locker, send this with her on the first day of school and make sure it remains stocked. Or, toss it in her backpack to keep with her at all times. The pouch makes it easy to grab on the way to the restroom, and it keeps things simple and discreet. If she doesn’t have a locker or a backpack, try tucking a few products in the pocket of a folder or a binder. In the case of any leaking, an extra pair of underwear or pants is another great thing to keep on hand.
  • 2. Be proactive.
Head to the restroom at the first sign of cramping or discharge. If she has her pouch on hand, she should take that with her to the stall. If she finds herself without the proper supplies, be sure to let her know all of her options. There’s no reason for fear or embarrassment – this is a totally natural process, and there are many options if she finds herself in that situation. The school nurse, a friend, or even a female teacher they trust may have extra supplies on hand. And if not, wrap toilet paper around your hand to create a pocket of tissue that’s the shape of a pad. Tucked inside your underwear, this trick can work if she finds herself in a pinch without the proper supplies. Of course, if she thinks she may start that day, it’s always best to wear a pad or panty liner to school, just in case.
  • 3. Stay comfortable.

Menstrual cramps can catch her off guard in the middle of class. Many schools don’t allow over the counter pain medications, but luckily there are plenty of natural ways to combat cramps. In order to alleviate the discomfort that can sometimes accompany periods, be sure to arm your daughter with the following cramp fighting techniques:

    1. Small adhesive heating pads can discretely provide pain relief under clothing
    2. Get up to walk around every hour or so if possible – physical activity greatly reduces menstrual cramps.
    3. Stay hydrated – drinking lots of water can help to alleviate inflammation and bloating
    4. A small lavender, clary sage, or geranium essential oil roller applied directly to the stomach or back – coupled with a gentle abdominal massage, can help to alleviate discomfort
    5. A series of short, deep breaths can allow fresh oxygen to flow through the body and reduce cramping
    6. A thermos of our Cramp Tea, sipped throughout the day, can naturally ease discomfort with our special blend of pain fighting herbs

When it comes to getting ready for this important time, there is so much information out there that it can feel overwhelming. But we’re here to remind you: being prepared doesn’t have to be complicated! Keep it simple with the proper supplies, an adequate understanding of what to expect, and a few easy cramp relief techniques. With these simple techniques, your daughter will be ready to rock her flow when her period arrives.

Here’s to a better period,
Tara Bruley

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