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Dads can teach us how to tie our shoes, ride a bike, and drive a car. If we’re lucky, our fathers play an important role in many of the milestones of our lives, starting in childhood. But all too often, when it comes to menstrual health and development, a father’s place can become a little less clear. There may be embarrassment, shame, or confusion on both sides – and this can lead to a breakdown in important communication between a daughter and the invaluable support that only her father can provide. As young girls begin to develop, they may start to pull away or naturally try to hide these changes from their dads. The truth is, a dad’s role in this stage is just as important as remembering to put on her helmet before he sends her off on her bike. When a father participates in this formative stage of his daughter’s life, instead of letting her mom handle it, this signifies to the daughter that he accepts her, and will love her as she grows and changes. Because, listen up, dad: this is about way more than momentary discomfort. This is about arming your daughter with the confidence she needs to take on the world, knowing you’ve got her back. And that type of confidence? It only comes with massive amounts of open communication, love, and support.


This month at BPP, we’ll be celebrating and discussing the integral role a father plays in his daughter’s path to adulthood.

When you engage in your daughter’s development, you encourage important conversation. You have the power to help free your daughter from the embarrassment that all too often accompanies her first period. You can help your daughter establish healthy habits, and prepare her with the tools she’ll need to feel secure.

So, where do we start? That’s where Be Prepared Period comes in! There are several ways for dads and daughters to start this journey today.

Inviting Dad to the Conversation

Puberty is a discussion about human nature, not a conversation about sexuality. Even still, talking about it may feel foreign or awkward.  Over time, as long as you continue to facilitate open and honest communication, you will see some of this discomfort begin to transform into acceptance.

But how do you know where to start? The best thing to do is to follow your daughter’s lead. As soon as she is able to understand what’s coming her way, it’s time to initiate the conversation. (Which, by the way, will likely look more like a series of talks, rather than a one time thing.) Even if she doesn’t have her period yet, chances are, girls in her class are starting. One of the best things you can do for your daughter is to offer her the answers to the questions she has. When you approach the subject in a confident and comfortable way, she’ll begin to see that there’s nothing to fear.

First Period Kits

Another important step is to get prepared.  Our Be Prepared 1st Period Kit, includes two helpful guides – one for parents, and one for girls. They’re chock full of real world advice and conversation tips. Both are designed to get parents and their daughters the answers they need so they can work together to ease the discomfort that often accompanies menstruation.

The kits come with the added bonus of helping dads assist their daughters without embarrassing them. So even if you’re a little uncomfortable with the idea, you can rest assured knowing that your daughter has the supplies she’ll need to prepare for her first period. And when you need to restock, we have an online shop that allows you to easily purchase products. You can even sign up for a subscription service, so her products arrive on time each month.

Explore the Resources Available to You

There are so many resources available to you as you start this journey. Browse our blog to uncover tons of helpful articles that run the gamut of topics you’ll need to discuss with your daughter – from breast development, to finding the best product for her needs, to how to prepare for getting her period at school, and more. We also invite you to explore our PeriodTalk Forum, which is a Q&A forum designed to provide both you and your daughter with invaluable support.

Our Tips for Parents and Young Girls weekly email series is designed with you and your daughter and mind. This free weekly educational series will guide you through this time with ease, comfort, and even a little bit of humor. Click below to sign up for that series today.

The father daughter relationship is one of the most important bonds in a young girl’s life. The more open and honest the two of you can be with one another – the better off she will be in the long run!

Here’s to a better period,

Tara & the BPP team

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