Green Your Period

Green Your Period

You can buy organic produce (free from chemicals & pesticides), you can use cloth shopping bags instead of paper or plastic, you can choose to ride a bike or walk instead of taking the car, and the list goes on…But have you thought about making your periods “green?” Why not?

April is the month of Earth Day, our return to spring, and all things fresh and new. So it only makes sense that we’re turning our focus to new ways to reduce our footprint and green our period routine. Read on for quick tips on how to make the green switch for your period.


1. Switch to an Organic/Natural Pad or Tampon.

These options still provide the convenience of disposable products but are much more eco friendly. They are made from chlorine-free and plastic free biodegradable materials. They are also a safer option for your personal health. Not sure where to start? Our Product Quest blog series takes you through all of your options, and even shares a real world perspective on making the switch!


2. Consider trying a Menstrual Cup.

A what? Don’t feel bad, many women are not familiar with menstrual cups. Like a tampon, it is worn inside the vagina, but rather than absorbing menstrual fluid and causing vaginal dryness it collects it. Check out our menstrual cup reviews.


3. Try using Cloth Pads.

Another great reusable option, cloth pads make a great choice for women that prefer to use external products. These are especially great for those with allergies or sensitivities. Not only are they comfy, but they come in many different sizes from mini to long.


4. SAVE your panties! (and sheets).

Don’t toss those panties and sheets as soon as they get stained. Try using a stain remover such as Ruby’s Red Wash to remove menstrual stains. Being made from a mixture of live bacterial cultures makes it biodegradable (a much better alternative than using harsh chemicals such as bleach).


5. Dispose of your products in an earth-friendly way.

After you remove your product – what’s the first thing you do? You reach for the roll of toilet paper, wrap the tampon or pad up, and toss it out. Simple enough, right? What if we told you that this seemingly harmless ritual cost us 141,666 trees per year – and that’s just in the United States alone? Yowza.Be Prepared Period is thrilled to announce our new partnership with MaskIT Feminine Disposal Pouches. This fantastic product makes removing and disposing of your products easy, clean, discreet, and best of all – earth-friendly! It’s made of an alternative to regular plastic, which is compostable and a whole lot nicer to the earth than our tried-and-true TP habit. A product that makes your life easier, and helps to reduce your footprint? Yes, please!



Remember – small acts can change the world. (And your life!)  By switching a few of our regular habits to more earth-friendly ones, they can make a difference. Never underestimate your ability to make an impact! Whether you try out a new form of cramp relief (check out our Cramp Tea review!) or spend time finding the best natural period product for you, we hope that you’ll heed nature’s call this month and green your period! As always, we’ll be sharing tips and resources along the way. Together, we can make an impact on making the world (and our bodies!) a happier, healthier place.

Ready to green up your period? Check out our Healthy Products and Lifestyle email series for more helpful information OR stop by our PeriodTalk forum to get answers to the questions you’ve been wondering about.


Here’s to a better period,

Tara & the BPP team

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