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Detox Your Period

This blog series dives into the different types of natural alternatives available to you, giving you a run down of how they work, and which product may work best for your body. Here’s the thing: there’s no one perfect product out there. Every body is different, and what works for you may not work for us. That’s totally okay! That’s why we carry all types of products in our store. During this series, we give you an inside look at the features and facets of each of the products, and you can use this information as a guide to making your own detox decision.

With tons of healthy options, comes tons of questions. How do you know if you want a natural cotton tampon, a menstrual cup, or a natural pad? So many products, so little time. And while you may not have the opportunity to try them all out – we’ve got your back. BPP’s very own Kelci DeFrancesco has done the work for you and has reviewed each of the different options. So keep reading, follow along, and decide for yourself which option is best for you!

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Product Review #4: Cramp (PMS) Tea

We’ve talked about Menstrual Cups, Natural Pads, and Organic Tampons. For our last stop on the Natural Product Quest Blog Series, we’re checking out a natural remedy for cramps. I’m a seriously heavy cramper. On any given month, you can usually find me reaching for that bottle of extra strength pain relievers before you can say, “Ouch!” However, the older I get, the more conscious I become of how my choices affect my body and the earth. I try to avoid taking medicine, and instead choose to supplement with essential oils or natural remedies whenever possible. Still, when Aunt Flow arrives, I often find myself wishing I could just take a pill to make the discomfort go away. Because of this, I was super curious to try the Cramp Tea from Be Prepared Period. Was it possible that a natural remedy could help to alleviate my monthly woes? I was willing to give it a shot.

When it first arrived, I was pleasantly surprised. First off, the packaging is super adorable. The tea comes with a fun heart-shaped steeping tool and detailed instructions on how much and how often to use the tea. It just looked like it was going to make you feel better. I was ready to see what, if any, affects the tea had on my symptoms.

Cramp Tea - steepingI steeped my first cup, and followed the instructions to cover the tea as it brewed to create a stronger mix. Since I didn’t have anything that would cover the cup, I punched a hole in a paper plate and laid it on top of the mug.

Upon my first sip, I was surprised by how tasty it was! Whether it was going to help with my cramps or not, I was so happy to find that the tea was super pleasant to drink. I could see myself switching my second cup of coffee up for this each day. But since I wasn’t reviewing the tea on taste alone, I kept sipping, anxious to see if the results held true for my body.

I drank my first cup on my last day before my period. When I woke up, I had that unpleasant feeling in my lady parts – not quite pain yet, but definitely enough for me to reach for the pain relievers. I sipped my first cup at 10:15 am, after eating breakfast and before my first cup of joe. (I know, I’m supposed to avoid caffeine around my period – but it’s just so delicious!) It was pleasant to drink, but I didn’t notice a huge impact at first. At the same time,  I didn’t reach for the Tylenol, either. So it’s safe to say my level 4 cramps met their match!

I started my period the next afternoon, and decided to give the tea another go. This time, I went for the stronger “dose” of dried tea, as the instructions suggest. I had several cups of warm tea, and did notice that the more I sipped, the more my side effects seemed to dissipate. It seemed like the act of warming the water, brewing the tea, and sipping from the mug was a much healthier ritual than walking to the medicine cabinet and opening up a pill bottle.

The Final Rundown

My experience sold me on Cramp Tea, and I’m happy to know that I’m making a healthy switch that’s good for my body. The tea helped me to tune into my body, listen to what it needed, and handle the discomfort naturally. I’ve found that if I sip the tea all day, that it continually helps to reduce my cramping. Pro tip: brew a pitcher full of tea in the morning and take it with you to work or school! Since the tea is formulated exclusively with herbs meant to help balance your hormones, it is also recommended that you drink it daily 1-2 weeks before menstruating to help with your hormonal balance. I look forward to giving this aspect of the Cramp Tea a try!

While I was still aware of my cramping, the discomfort was mostly gone, and I was able to handle it without any medication. This was a huge win for me! Overall, I was very pleased to find a natural alternative to my normal monthly routine. Be Prepared Period’s Cramp Tea is a wonderful natural remedy, and one that I’ll be incorporating into my life from now on.

Here’s to a better period,

KD and the BPP team

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