Xo Flo Menstrual Cup Reivew

Detox Your Period:
Our new blog series that divides the different types of natural alternatives available to you, giving you a run down of how they work, and which product may work best for your body. Here’s the thing: there’s no one perfect product out there. Every body is different, and what works for you may not work for us. That’s totally okay! That’s why we carry all types of products in our store. During this series, we’re going to be giving you an inside look at the features and facets of each of the products, and you can use this information as a guide to making your own detox decision.


With tons of healthy options, comes tons of questions. How do you know if you want a natural cotton tampon, a menstrual cup, or a natural pad? So many products, so little time. And while you may not have the opportunity to try them all out – we’ve got your back. BPP’s very own Kelci DeFrancesco has done the work for you and has reviewed each of the different options. So keep reading, follow along, and decide for yourself which option is best for you!

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Product Review #3: XO Flo Menstrual Cup

Here’s the deal, guys. I’ve been really, really nervous to try a menstrual cup. Despite all of my best laid natural-living plans – the idea of something that large chillin’ in my body all day just freaked me out.


No, I haven’t had a baby. Yes, I am kind of squeamish about my lady parts. (I’m working on it. 😉 )


If, like me, the whole idea of menstrual cups kind of blows your mind, keep reading for my honest experience and review, one squeamish sister to another. If you’re not, or if you’ve already tried a menstrual cup, you can go ahead and skip to the rated categories. Talk to you not-so-squeamish-ladies in just a little bit 😉


Xo Flo Menstrual Cup Reivew

Suffice it to say, when Aunt Flo arrived this past month, I was a little less excited than usual to see her. Which is to say – not excited in the least. But for the sake of the cause, I trudged forward into the great menstrual cup unknown.


As soon as I opened the box from XO Flo Cup – my nervousness started to melt away. I think we can all agree that acts of kindness and thoughtfulness are always appreciated – but they just seem to go a little further when you’re on your period, don’t you think? With that being said, it’s hard to properly express how much better the branding and packaging of this product made me feel. Everything seemed friendly, clean, nice, and not scary at all. Imagine that! Even better, they included a little pin as a free gift! Who doesn’t love a free gift?! I was feeling more relaxed already.


I headed to the bathroom, ready to give this cup a shot. Here’s what happened:


I read the instructions, rinsed the cup with mild soap and warm water, washed my hands, and dried everything off. I was ready. I assumed position, and up it went. My first thought was, “Hmm…that wasn’t so bad.”


As soon as I released my finger that held the folds of the cup, the cup expanded. A couple of seconds passed, and I started to feel the sensation of something other than a tampon in there. I will be the first to admit that I kind of freaked myself out. I referenced the directions again and read words like “pelvic floor” and “cervix” and, what can I say? I spooked. I pulled the tail of the cup gently, and out it came. The entire process was quick and easy, and I was pleasantly surprised at how smoothly the removal went.


Not one to give up on a challenge, I repeated the rinsing and drying process, and went in for round two. And three. Both times were a little, ahem, less successful than my first attempt. I started to get frustrated. I took another look at the cute instructions and decided to take their advice: I needed to relax. I took a deep breath, and tried once more.


VICTORY! The fourth time proved to be a charm for me. I held the folded cup in one hand, and used the other hand to slowly guide it into my body. I found that by using two hands, I was able to have more control over the process and ensure that the cup was positioned properly inside my vagina. And although that same “expanding” sensation began, I had learned from my mistakes. I was not about to pull this cup out again.


So, instead of focusing on the slightly strange and new-to-me feeling down there, I decided to get dressed, leave the bathroom, and do something to take my mind off of it while my body adjusted. I washed a few dishes, walked around the house, then I headed back to my desk. By the time I opened my computer and got back to work, I had all but forgotten the cup was there. Success!


When the time came to remove the cup for real, removal was a breeze, just like before. It was pretty incredible that all things considered, I was able to successfully insert the cup on the first try. Now if I had been a bit more relaxed, that would have been it! I will say that my reservations were completely psychological – the physical act of using a menstrual cup felt very similar to my first experience using a tampon. A little foreign, sure. But not uncomfortable in the slightest. As soon as I was able to calm my mind, the entire process was simple and pleasant. Bonus points for knowing that I was doing something that was not only better for my body, but better for the earth!


So enough about the process. How did the XO Flo Cup stack up against other products? Read on, sister!


To keep each product review consistent, I’ll be reviewing them according to the following criteria, on a scale of 1 to 5, five being the highest:

-Performance and ease of use
-The Earth-friendly factor
-The discrete factor
-Added benefits


The XO Flo Cup provided tons of protection, and I felt totally secure using it. It provided just as much or more support as I was used to with my super absorbent tampons.

Score: 5


The Earth-friendly factor
I had never used a reusable period product before – and I absolutely LOVED that the XO Flo Cup is a product that saves waste from heading to the landfill. It felt good to know that I was choosing a healthier option for my body, and one that reduced my footprint as well.

Score: 5


As I detailed above, I was new to the whole menstrual cup scene when I first tried out XO Flo Cup. Since I first tried it, I have tried several other brands of cups as well. I will say that the XO Flo Cup was a little more rigid than other brands, which made it easier to insert correctly. Again, once I got comfortable with the product and knew that I was inserting it correctly, this product was just as comfortable as the tampons I had been using for years.

Score: 4


The discrete factor
I never traveled with the cup, but it does come with a cute little pouch that makes transpiration easy. The cup is a bit larger and more obvious than say, your average panty liner or tampon, but I still found it to be small and simple enough to carry along with you.

Score: 3


Added benefits
Overall, I loved the experience of using the XO Flo Cup. The product’s branding and instructions were clear, easy to use and understand, and even beautiful! It made the entire process more pleasant and comfortable. Two thumbs way up for the XO Flo Cup!

Score: 5


The Final Rundown
There you have it! For both seasoned menstrual cup users and those looking to give them a try, the XO Flo Cup is a fantastic option! I am definitely looking forward to incorporating this product into my monthly routine.

If you’re interested in giving it a try as well, you’re in luck! Be Prepared. Period is proud to introduce the XO Flo Cup to our selection of products. And even better – purchase your cup this month and save 10% with promo code #newXOFLO!


Here’s to a better period,

KD and the BPP team

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