detox your period for pain relief

By Arielle D. Dance, PhD

Can Tampons Cause Cramps? Detox Your Period for Pain Relief

For many women, periods come with a host of discomforts: cramping, headaches, fear of leaks, back pain, and maybe even leg pain. As someone who was diagnosed with endometriosis, a painful pelvic pain condition, in my teens, I have experienced countless painful periods and have been on the search for relief. I have finally found the perfect combination of essential oils, aromatherapy-infused heating pads, and stretches that bring me comfort.

detox your period for pain relief

Then I wondered, what if my period products were adding to my discomfort during my period?

Recent studies have uncovered the ingredients and components of common period products. The top selling brands typically utilize chlorine, synthetic fibers, plastics, rayon, and dioxins. Having these substances against our skin and inserted into our vaginas puts women at risk for inflammatory diseases and increased pelvic pain.

Knowing that these materials are alarming women across the world, companies have started to provide “pure” and “clean” versions of their products. Unfortunately, the toxic versions are still on the market, and the cleaner versions are up-priced, making healthy choices a burden rather than a convenience.

For women who suffer from painful periods, or those living with chronic pelvic pain and inflammatory illnesses, exploring alternative period products can promote a more natural period experience.

In an effort to begin exploring eco-friendly and toxic-free menstrual products, Be Prepared Period, asked me to explore using different menstrual cups (Diva Cup and Softcup) during my periods. As a menstrual advocate, I was extremely excited to try a new product. However, as a woman with endometriosis, I was tentative because I knew my body was not very welcoming to penetration. For years, I experienced pain with penetration due to endometriosis. As expected, I was not able to insert the cups. There was a burning and stabbing pain I experienced each time I attempted to place the cup. So, I continued on my journey with traditional pads.

Recently, I began seeing a lot of social media buzz around THINX period-proof undies. I was curious but hesitant and waited a year before finally making the purchase. Could there really be a panty that wouldn’t leak onto my clothes? The answer was yes! In conjunction with organic tampons (on heavy days only), THINX have become my primary feminine hygiene product.

Since switching from pads with toxins to THINX, my period pain has decreased tremendously. THINX recommends the use of a menstrual cup or organic tampon on heavy days so that THINX can act as back up rather than primary protection. I was nervous about using a cup again so I chose to try a tampon. Luckily, the pain that I had experienced with inserting the cup previously was no longer an issue and I am able to insert the Cora organic tampons on heavy days.

I recognize that for me, switching products was a necessity. Feeling like I am doing something better for my environment and my body is rewarding. Though THINX may not be the period product for everyone who experiences painful periods, there are many non-toxic and eco-friendly options available that deserve consideration. Just consider, could your periods be easier and less painful without toxins?

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