Is anything more stressful than worrying about the possibility of a leak?  How can anyone focus on learning in class, performing on the field, or talking to your friends when a leak could happen at any time?

Whether you are getting ready for your first period, have had your period a few times, or have been menstruating for years the following tips will help you wave goodbye to leaks.

1)   Know Your Flow.  Be extra prepared on your heaviest days then relax once they have passed. (Not sure how to measure your flow – check out our Know Your Flow Infographic to decipher your level of flow.)

2)   In Your Hands.  Put your supplies in your purse, backpack or whatever you will carry in your hands into the bathroom.  Think about what you will probably need then add one or two more.

3)   Be on Time.  Plan to visit the restroom to change (or at least check) regularly.  Always set the time between breaks to be a little less than you think you need based on that day’s flow (and never skip a planned visit).

4)   Get Dark.  Of course you can’t see very well when it gets dark outside.  Dark colors do an amazing job of hiding any evidence of leaks.

5)   More is Merrier.  Layers are a fashion statement and so much more.  No one else will ever see if you leak on anything other than your outermost layer of clothing.

6)   Tight is Right.  There is a reason some people talk about “period panties.” If you use pads, wearing extra tight or super snug panties keeps the pad in place even when you’re in motion

7)   Don’t Fly Away.  The last thing you want is for your pad to shift or bunch.  Try using wings to keep it from flying away (or scooting where you don’t want it to be).  Consider wearing long or overnight pads during the day for maximum coverage and protection.

8)   Inside Insight. If you use a tampon or a cup, wear a pantyliner or a pad along with it.

9)   Secret Stash.  Keep additional supplies in your locker.  This is a great place for a few extra items and even a change of clothes in case you (or a friend) are ever in need.

10)  Dynamic Duo.  Confide in a friend.  Be there for each other, especially during your periods (it is much easier and less obvious for her to check that there is nothing on your backside).

The truth is simple: there is no magical way to be sure you will never ever have a leak.  These tips will help you decrease your worry, improve your confidence, and lessen the likelihood of leaking.  If you follow this advice and still manage to have a leak away from home the odds are good that no one else will ever know (unless you tell them).

Co-written by Be Prepared. Period & You ARE Loved.

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