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Detox Your Period: Part 2 – Natracare Organic Cotton Tampons

Detox your period - natracare organic cotton tampons


Detox Your Period: Our new blog series that divides the different types of natural alternatives available to you, giving you a run down of how they work, and which product may work best for your body. Here’s the thing: there’s no one perfect product out there. Every body is different, and what works for you may not work for us. That’s totally okay! That’s why we carry all types of products in our store. During this series, we’re going to be giving you an inside look at the features and facets of each of the products, and you can use this information as a guide to making your own detox decision.

With tons of healthy options, comes tons of questions. How do you know if you want a natural cotton tampon, a menstrual cup, or a natural pad? So many products, so little time. And while you may not have the opportunity to try them all out – we’ve got your back. BPP’s very own Kelci DeFrancesco has done the work for you and has reviewed each of the different options.  So keep reading, follow along, and decide for yourself which option is best for you! Click to continue reading… »

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Detox Your Period: Part 1 – Natural MaxION Pads by Maxim Hygiene

Detox your period - one womans quest to find the best natural period product

Let’s say you go for a nice long run. You come home feeling invigorated, refreshed, and happy to have done a nice thing for your body. You’re thirsty. You grab a glass, head to the fridge, and pour yourself a nice big serving of Galaxolide (your favorite drink, and a known endocrine-disrupting chemical.) Once you’ve had your fill – you jump in the shower to rinse off. As you step out and begin to dry off, you pull out your favorite bottle of chlorine-bleach lotion, and generously slather it all over your skin. Ah…there’s nothing like taking care of your body, right?


Hold up – what the what?!


If you think this sounds ridiculous, you’re right. No one would knowingly wipe bleach all over their skin, right? Right. So that’s why the following fact is so troubling: according to a recent report by the nonprofit Women’s Voices for the Earth, traditional feminine hygiene products may use ingredients that are known or suspected endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDCs), carcinogens, or allergens. Yikes. Click to continue reading… »

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Say Hello to Reusable Cloth Pads

by Jenn Marie

say hello to cloth pads

When it comes to understanding “that time of the month,” there’s no shortage of confusion among people of all ages and genders. One of the most common period-related myths is that there are only two types of feminine protection available: disposable pads and tampons. In reality, we have tons of other choices! Some of the most popular include menstrual cups, sea sponges, diaphragms, and my favorite: reusable cloth pads.

The idea behind cloth pads is simple: instead of the typical pad made from paper and plastic, cloth pads are made from fabric, allowing them to be washed and reused just like underwear. It may sound strange, but it’s not a new or unusual idea; women have been using cloth pads throughout most of history! It was only very recently, as our society shifted toward a preference for single-use products, that disposable pads and tampons were first marketed to women.

With the popularity and convenience of disposables, why would anyone want to use cloth? Here are just a few of the many reasons… Click to continue reading… »

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Lunette Cups: A Love Story

By Andrina Adams


I’ve been using menstrual cups since July 2013, and they’re AWESOME!  They’re definitely better than the pads and tampons I used for umpteen years.

Just when I thought period protection couldn’t get any better, I was blessed with the opportunity to try a Lunette Cup…and it was A GAME CHANGER.  Before I share why, here are a few facts about the cup in case you’re not familiar with it:

– Up to 12 hours of leak-free protection

– Can’t be felt when inserted correctly

– Can be worn overnight

– Not associated with Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS)

– Menstrual flow is captured and held in the cup until you remove and empty it — which means no scent

– It’s reusable, which makes it environment and budget-friendly

* Can last up to 10 years with proper care and use

* One-time cost is around $40 online (including here at, which can save you more than $100 per year.


My Personal Experience with Lunette Cup

I used the Lunette Cup for the first time two periods ago.  From the start, I could tell it was quite different from other brands.  Here’s why:

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Cloth Pads Saved Me!

My periods have always been painful. They’d often force me to miss school, university or work, and if I was caught out in the middle of town I’d been known to lie down for an hour or two in a cubicle of a public toilet.

I got my period on the second week of my honeymoon on a remote island, and I remember feeling scared one night that there was no hospital on the island, because I was in far too much pain for comfort. So they were really no picnic to begin with.

But one month, out of nowhere, on Day 2 of my period I was suddenly gripped with the worst pain I’d ever felt, and I remained in a state of complete agony for the next two days. My husband had to rescue me from work and help me to bed. I couldn’t stand up straight. I couldn’t walk without holding onto things. It was quite scary.

At this stage my periods were longer than they used to be too: I’d gone from five day to eight day periods. So I did some neurotic late night googling, and canvassed opinions from friends, and also went to a proper doctor. It looked to all concerned like I had endometriosis maybe.

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The Menstrual Cup: Towards a Period Revolution, One Vagina at a Time

Move over toxic tampons. Take a hike, sweaty pads. There’s a new player in town and it looks like she’s here to stay – 12 hours at a time. It seems women are going crazy for the menstrual cup, a reusable, bell-shaped silicone device inserted into the vagina to collect menstrual blood, and they’re taking it to the web with countless YouTube videos, blog posts and tweets praising its benefits. So what’s all this commotion about?

menstrual cup revolutionThroughout its surprisingly long history (early versions of the menstrual cup were patented as far back as in 1932!), the menstrual cup has not been a popular option for period care. Despite several attempts to launch the product in mass markets over the years, it was never able to compete with disposable tampons and sanitary pads. Although it is still a foreign concept to most women, the menstrual cup is slowly claiming its place in mainstream markets. It is no longer a mysterious apparatus only found in natural health stores; the product is now available in some major drugstores and can be easily bought online. An increasing selection of brands is also popping up worldwide: from Lunette, to Mooncup, Meluna, Yuuki, Fleurcup, Sckoon, Ruby, Femmecup and The DivaCup – to name but few.

Diva International Inc., the makers of The DivaCup, one of North America’s most popular menstrual cup brands with over 1 million cups sold to date, have definitely noticed the new trend. For the past 10 years, DivaCup International’s sales have been growing at double digit rates. “In the past ten years we have received great enthusiasm and acceptance around The DivaCup in both natural health and more recently, mainstream markets,” says a spokesperson for The DivaCup.

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DivaCups, Softcups, & a Leak Free Life

By Andrina Adams


Until recently, I suffered through heavy periods every month.

Andrina AdamsOn days 2 & 3, I normally had to wear a tampon AND a maxi pad.  In addition to this, if I didn’t change that lovely combo every 2 hours, I had the “pleasure” of a major clean-up and possible leakage.  — I’d tell you about my pads-only nights; but, I don’t want to make you weep.  🙂

Of course, everything I’ve mentioned so far made me dread, and sometimes skip, work / personal events – especially the ones that required long periods of sitting and / or frequent use of far-away public restrooms…that is, until I stumbled upon menstrual cups on

MENSTRUAL CUPS – Where have you been all my life?

While checking things out on Amazon one lovely, lazy vacation day, something led me to the sanitary products page.  That’s where I saw them for the first time…  I’m telling you, angels played harps and sang while a voice (in my head) said, “Behold…the DIVACUP and SOFTCUP.”  LOL

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Michelle’s Diva Cup Review

I first heard about the Diva Cup a couple of years ago and I immediately judged it. The idea of inserting a bizarre-looking contraption I’d never heard of in my vagina wasn’t very appealing to me, especially since using tampons and pads were the mainstream (and what I thought where the only) options for dealing with your period. I quickly dismissed the menstrual cup, thinking only hippie/granola/environmentally-conscious women were using it.

Michelle_Beland_Diva CupEight months ago, at 24 years old, I was diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer.  Since then, I’ve been focusing a lot on my health and embracing a healthier, cleaner, greener lifestyle. I am very conscious of what I put in and on my body, from everyday food to cosmetics which contain chemical ingredients and potential carcinogens. I had been thinking about switching to the menstrual cup because it seemed a more natural way of dealing with my period, but was afraid to do so. I wasn’t sure how it worked, how to insert it and if it would hurt. I kept asking my BFF to try it before me to see if it was worth it or not!

Last week I started my period and went to the pharmacy to buy my “period supplies”, where I saw the Diva Cup among all the tampons and pads. “Enough is enough” I thought to myself, “time to face the “beast” and get this over with”. So I bought a Diva Cup and left my usual supplies behind.

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Playing It Safe With The Lunette Cup

By Heather Schweich

I honestly can’t remember a time after I started my period when I wasn’t aware on some level of Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS).

My mom was not a tampon user; they made her nauseated and feel horrible when she tried them in high school/college, so when I started menstruating she got me pads, just like her. Well, lower absorbency, but you get the idea.

The problem was that I was a ballet dancer. #1 Pads = not cool. #2 They would never stay in place. So I asked her to let me get some tampons.

She did, and I’m not sure if it was the box insert, a news story, or word of mouth but TSS was a huge concern for her. I didn’t really get the seriousness of it, but I knew enough that I was willing to go along with her guidelines: use natural fiber (cotton) tampons – don’t use a higher absorbency than I needed – use pads at night.

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My Lunapads Story/Review

“This story/review came to us at such a great time. As we approach Earth Day, we’d love to hear what challenges you may take on to become more eco-friendly. Will trying an organic or reusable menstrual product make the list?” – The Be Prepared Period Team

My LunaPads story actually started with a challenge a friend gave me around Easter 2011.  She told me to go garbage free (or only be allowed to use 1 bag of garbage from then until Christmas Eve.  I was doing great until that time of the month came about, I got out my Always pads and said “Oh crap…um what do I do with 8 months of pads if I can’t use garbage?”  So I began going online and looking for options. I found LunaPads.  I liked the idea that they had the replaceable center.  I ordered 6 pad centers and 1 of the pad. I got the cutest design ever, some flowers that looked like the 60s! (my favorite era)  I excused myself for that week of garbage since they hadn’t arrived yet, and threw out the bag. (with actual guilt!) When my products arrived, I was so excited, even though I didn’t have my period I wore them for a week! I just wanted to see how they were. Click to continue reading… »

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